This is to the idiot titled “No leadership.” Before blowing your mouth off to Sound Off or your neighbors, get your facts straight. All of these young kids at that party were all arrested. It didn’t matter if they had a scholarship, what their last name was. They all received citations, which they pleaded not guilty or guilty to, paid their fines and are attending ARD classes. Again, stay in your own lane!


I enjoyed the political cartoon that The News-Item had in its paper on Wednesday. It showed an angry Trump strangling the country of Mexico, and I knew what that represented. It represented President Trump imposing tariffs on Mexico if they do not do something about the mass migration across their country into ours. The reason I enjoyed it so much was because it hits home. It’s about time someone had the wherewithal and spine to do what President Trump is doing to help stop this invasion of illegal immigrants. Now I would bet dollars to donuts that this call would not get printed. Prove me wrong, Joe.


Interestingly, I just reached the part where the Trump gang was meeting in the Seychelles arranged by George Nader, who I never heard of before. Lo and behold, he was arrested at the airport in New York City today on charges of child porn.

Answers needed

I see that some people are calling in Sound Off and complaining about the Mount Carmel Township Supervisors in action up at Natalie. I applaud that effort, but do you know what? Go to the township meetings and demand answers. I know I personally have paid, since I’ve lived in Mount Carmel Township, over $45,000 in property taxes, not school taxes. Where is this money going? What are we getting out of it? Maybe there should be some accountability. Maybe there should be an audit of the books. I don’t know. I don’t want to accuse anybody, but we certainly need some legitimate answers here as to why all the communities roads are not being taken care of. Period.

Deferment Don

President bone-spurs says he is making up for his lack of military service by funding the military now. Unless that $700 billion is coming from him, it is we, the taxpayers, that are providing the funding for the military.

Shady streets

Hey, Natalie I and Natalie II, if you think your streets are bad, why don’t you come down to Shady Acres? In fact, there are portions of that street that don’t even have any macadam on; it looks like a war zone. I agree with you 100%. What have the township supervisors been doing?

Clueless kiddies

The outer limits of nonsense has now been reached. A group of clueless kids is suing the U.S. government because, allegedly, its energy policy violates their constitutional rights. Maybe these nitwits should talk to China, India and Mexico, who are the three major polluters in the world today.

Tall grass again

The members of the board of the Shamokin Cemetery Association should absolutely be ashamed of themselves and turn in their resignations immediately. Again, another year of four-foot-high grass. It’s absolutely appalling.

Cut and trim

This is for you lazy people in Mount Carmel who don’t cut your grass or trim your shrubs. If you don’t want to do yard work, don’t live in a house.

Silly assumptions

I do not know if the counseling center will include counseling for sex offenders or not, but what would the caller propose? Eliminating counseling for sex offenders? Making counseling for sex offenders less convenient? The caller seems to think that counseling sex offenders is the cause of sex offenders, or that there are not sex offenders already in our midst. All very silly assumptions if you ask me.

Where blame belongs

In response to “Undeserved greatness,” what do you expect the Browns to do? Being a former resident born and raised in Shamokin, I ask, when is it time to place the blame where the blame belongs? The folks of town who do nothing but ruin neighborhoods. Maybe you should start holding the citizens accountable for their own messes and stop blaming it all on folks actually trying to make town a better place. Seriously, people, wake up and look around you!

What comes around...

Sean Hannity, Trump’s close adviser, went ballistic over Nancy Pelosi’s comment that she would like to see Trump locked up for obstruction of justice after he leaves office. Hannity, as well as Trump cult members, have a very short memory. Hannity publicly stated many times that Hillary “should be in jail.” Hannity and Fox News constantly featured the crowds at Trump rallies chanting, “Lock her up!” Sean Hypocrite should compare the video tapes to see how ridiculous he appears.


People got deferments for being in college, I believe. My husband enlisted and was told “no way” by the Army for severe medical problems — he wanted to go. I had bone spurs and worked a full-time job with shoe inserts and my feet taped. There is a difference. Also, other presidents to my knowledge did not make fun of heroes while president. There are differences.

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