Green Card

In 60 days, Trump’s new regulations will demand that immigrants cannot get a Green Card if they need public assistance, don’t have their own private insurance or have a low credit score. Would your grandparents or great-grandparents meet these regulations? Oh, the boats would be filled, sending them back to Poland, Italy, Hungary, etc.

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"Green Card", if you look back historically I think you will find that the immigrants who came from Poland, Russia, Italy, etc, worked for their money and their citizenship. They didn't make the trek with children in tow expecting a free handout. They came here and "applied" for citizenship and had to be sponsored by someone here. They wouldn't have had to go back to their war torn countries by the boatloads full. They worked for their money and their citizenship. The immigrants now are coming in by the boatloads full with cellphones in tow asking for handouts. How can we possibly feed, clothe, and shelter all of them, especially if their not in our tax base. I'm all for immigrants. Our country is immigrants. The only real citizens are the American Indians. I wouldn't go to another country and expect them to feed, house and clothe me. Its just not morally or ethically acceptable. And I would not drag my child to hold in front of me as a shield. Ring the doorbell, please.

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