Not a quiet riot

Another fantastic car cruise in Shamokin. Let’s hear all the benefits it brought to the downtown from 8 to 11 p.m. These farces are nothing but a free-for-all for people with loud mufflers and loud bikes to race up and down the street behind the post office and in front of Coney Island. No more burnouts at least, but speeding is still against the law as far as I know. Where the hell are the police? Other towns have car cruises but they hold them in the afternoon hours. Not Shamokin, no, not Shamokin, we’ll hold them at night. No need to waive the noise ordinance; it’s already off the books.

Waste of time

Two years of investigations and $40,000,000 that taxpayers paid for it. Eighteen of the 19 investigators were Democrats, 4,000 pages from the investigations and the final decision? No Trump-Russian collusion! Now the Trumphobia medical condition is still spreading among Democrats with no antidote. Pelosi wants President Trump In jail. All this BS will help Trump become president again in 2020!

Gun control is elitist

What does the caller mean that Congress is safe because they don’t allow guns? The Capitol guards are armed to the teeth! Gun control disarms the little people. The elite will always be protected by guns. The school that Obama’s daughters went to had 11 armed guards. The children of serfs go to school in a defense-free zone. Know your place, subject.

Everyone’s a Nazi

Germany’s population was willfully manipulated through fear of attack and bigotry. One of the first things the Nazis did was eliminate the unions, then went on to build one of the largest civilian surveillance networks in history. This sounds more like the Republican party, however, Democrats are perfectly capable of performing the same atrocities. They would rally the country by using envy, and would eliminate private ownership instead. Arguing which modern American party is closer to the Nazis is laughable. They are both Nazis.

Trump’s a winner

With all of this “winning” going on in the United States today, it makes me think that maybe the reason the United States lost the Vietnam War was because we didn’t have General Trump!

Doesn’t add up

Trump’s tariff fight with Mexico was another stunt by our reality show president. It turns out that Mexico had already agreed, months ago, with our government’s demands to send soldiers to the border and to keep immigrants seeking asylum in Mexico until the U.S. legally processes them. Trump is now declaring a great victory as a result of his tariff threats when, in fact, this deal was negotiated with Mexico months before Trump’s threats. Trump is a great con man but a lousy president.

Hey, PennDOT

Can someone at PennDOT extend the green light at the traffic signals along Route 54 in Strong and on the connector? Traffic is often backed up all the way to Locust Gap on weekend mornings during the summer. It seems like these two signals are causing the jam. Thanks in advance.

Above the law?

The Coal Township Police are doing a great job getting trailers off the street, but I don’t understand why the elected officials who park them on Hemlock Street, Pulaski Avenue and the intersection of Jackson and Mulberry get away with it. Why are those elected officials allowed to park the trailers there and nobody says anything to them. Maybe the chief of police could respond about that?

Close to blight

I live on the 1600 block of Pulaski Avenue. We have an abandoned house next to us and I have called the code officer multiple times. The grass is 10 feet high and they don’t seem to do anything about it. It’s a disgrace for that house to look like that. I pity the poor lady who lives directly next to that house.

Birth control

The Hyde Amendment states the government should not be paying for abortions. Now the Democrats want to abolish this. They say it’s because poor people should have the right to an abortion. Well, you know what, instead of the government paying for abortions and killing an unborn child, why doesn’t the government pay for contraceptives and make them available for poor women so they don’t get pregnant. Why make an unborn child pay for the parents’ neglect, irresponsibility or tragedy?

Thanks and no thanks

I lost my wallet Jan. 7 on Fifth Street. I want to thank the person who found my wallet and returned it to me, but I want to tell the person that kept my money that was in the wallet, you know where to go. I hope you need it better than I do.

Where’s the garden?

In Friday’s paper, I read about the community garden in Mount Carmel. It doesn’t say where it’s located. Someone please call in and say where it’s at. I would like to volunteer.

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