Common law

What is it with the ban on recording in court? If you are rich you can hire a court stenographer, but if you are common you are prosecuted for recording. It is fitting to have a Democrat call in and say that Joey should not be able to run. Democrats are elitist. They only want “important people” to be protected by guns, too.

Crazy condition

After the president’s manic tweet storm, George Conway stated that Trump’s mental condition and psychological condition is getting worse. Conway is married to Kelly Ann Conway, Trump’s most senior advisor. Being married to a White House insider, I am sure George Conway has heard lots of stories from his wife about Trump’s craziness. Trump supporters, look close at Trumps oblivious psychotic behavior before you decide to vote for this crazy in 2020.

Old bone spurs

President bone spurs continues his childish attracts on an actual military hero, John McCain. I would like to see some of our great soldier boys who voted for this embarrassment write in and say why they support him. And please, cite real facts, not what the voices in your heads are telling you.

Madam president

To Joe’s take: Does that mean you think without bees maybe a lady front runner for the Democrats — as a woman myself? Go ladies! Joe’s take: Time will tell.

Cracked house

According to a story in The News-Item, Pennsylvania may become known as the first state to have a Safehouse, a place where people can use all sorts of illegal drugs under medical supervision, with staffers able to intervene in case of an overdose. I have two questions: Is this crazy? Who is going to pay for it?

Money hungry

Every politician wants the money, but never thinks about the repercussions. No laws to dictate, just how much money they are going to make. Think of the consequences when you allow legalization. It’s giving permission for people to drive or walk around stoned with no consequences. Must people die before some politician figures out they made a mistake. Laws first, then enforcement, then legalization.

Money hungry II

Attention greedy and ignorant politicians. Legalizing recreational marijuana? Where are your brains? You care more about the money you can get through taxation, but don’t care what harm the hallucinogenic drug will have on our children. You find harm in the second-hand smoke from cigarettes, but think marijuana smoke is OK. You pass the legalization of marijuana, yet you do not set guidelines or laws for its use. Are you people crazy? Shame on your greed and ignorance. Joe’s take: Have you tried writing a letter to your state representative instead of Sound Off?

Protests coming

The verdict for the Pittsburgh cop is not guilty in shooting the black 17-year-old in the back. It was the correct decision. His mom walked out of the courthouse with a shirt that said “I am Antwon’s mom.” Maybe if she had raised him better, her thug son wouldn’t have been involved in a drive-by shooting minutes before being pulled over. They just don’t get that being black isn’t a license to do anything you want and then cry racism when it doesn’t go your way. Watch the protests now.

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