Parking meters

Parking meter enforcement is Monday through Friday until 4 p.m. and Saturday until 2:30 p.m. It has been that way for years. Parking meters now take nickels, dimes and quarters. Richard Yanishak, parking meter enforcement officer.

Good changes

I just came from the recycling center in Coal Township. There’s some new guys there and they help you get your stuff out of the car. Very nice to see.

Let this sink in

Obama won in every state that did not require photo ID in the election and lost in every state that required photo ID. It’s obvious why the Democrats are against it.

Used to be bad

In answer to “Recycling Center” in Monday’s paper, I disagree. The problem is staff. I am an elderly woman and a time back I went to the center and they didn’t help. All of the staff is sitting in the office, I knocked on the door and asked if anyone was working. They told me they were all on lunch. I said do you all go to lunch at the same time? They said yes, and besides, helping people is not our job. What is their job? Sitting in the office and watching elderly women struggle with their recycling? I notice they have new men up there and now I get help.

We’re Democrats

I’m calling about who has been doing the editorial page in the Sound Off. It seems like the national Democratic chairman has been doing his part with that because it’s all Democrat and one-sided.

Safe and sound

Almost three years of investigating Trump and none of his accusers have committed suicide.

What a change

What happened at the Shamokin recycling center? They now come out and help you get your stuff in. Wow.

Big contrast

How is this for dichotomy: We are all aware of Trump’s penchant for assaulting women and bragging about it. He also was just recently credibly accused of raping a woman in a dressing room. However, today I saw a Trump sign propped up against a statue of the Virgin Mary.

What about it?

Do Republicans think there will never be a Democrat occupying the White House ever again? The only good thing is when it does happen and they write into Sound Off complaining about anything stupid, ignorant, divisive, misogynistic, deceitful, hateful or just plain crazy, we can do the old “Well, what-about-when...?”

Taxpayer letter

Dear Shamokin police, the two cars still sit at the corner of Lombard and Sunbury streets with expired inspections, license plate spray painted black, busted windshields, tickets on both, pieces of furniture sticking out of the window, dirt and grass with weeds now growing off the hood and I’m sure not insured. How much longer are they going to sit there? It’s been well over four months now. Signed, a taxpayer.

Hire cheap, pay less

The recent ICE raids at the Mississippi chicken plant, ordered by Trump, are nothing more than a political stunt to appease his base supporters. The fact is, our economy wouldn’t function without the labor of immigrants who often work in jobs rejected by Americans because of low pay, distasteful atmosphere, etc. Yes, immigrants work for less, but we Americans also do not want to pay more for our food and other necessities.

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