Laughable enforcement

I find it laughable that Kulpmont officials believe they’re doing such a good job enforcing ordinances. People are supposed to be fined if grass is over six inches. Yards by us on the 1200 block of Scott Street are two to three feet high with grass and weeds. Garbage sits and rots on porches. Alleyways and garages are blocked out since people park in front of those, too. Code and council do nothing.

LoNo combo

To the caller who suggested combining Mount Carmel Area and Shamokin Area high schools … I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been saying this to my friends on and off for several years. Neither school has the enrollment it had even 10 years ago. Academically and athletically, it would benefit all the students. And I love the idea of calling it LoNo. The Lower Northumberland Coal Crackers. It has a nice ring to it.

Prayer warrior

Sadly, I have to agree with the caller that stated Greg Maresca was a prayer warrior. He is a self-proclaimed Christian warrior, that’s it. His articles sicken me.

Ku Klux Byrd

Fact check, in 1860s, the Democratic Party was a party of slavery. The Confederate soldiers were old Democrats. The Ku Klux Klan from 1865 to 1965, was all Democrats. Sen. Byrd, of West Virginia, who is one of Hillary Clinton’s idols, was a member of the Ku Klux Klan for decades. You should start a campaign to remove Sen. Byrd’s name from every federal building, state building, every memorial with his name on it, every school, everything, any place, named for Sen. Ku Klux Klan Byrd.

School board candidate

I hope Mr. Muldowney’s going to withdraw from the school board now that he’s been charged with a DUI. That’s all we need is another person on the school board with a DUI. Whether it’s drugs or alcohol, it did not say in the paper, but it’s pathetic. At 11:30 in the afternoon, nonetheless? How disgusting.

Dump not gone

Looks like Kulpmont council’s toxic waste dump won’t be cleaned up for our annual beer fest. Such a shame.

Attention illegals

This is just a little message for any illegal immigrants that might be living in The News-Item readership area: California is offering free health care for all immigrants. You got that, boys? California, free health care for immigrants.

Go now

I think it’s about time the City of Shamokin gets rid of Officer Scott Weaver. How many more times are they going to allow this officer to screw up? Next time something happens, it’ll be shooting somebody that he shouldn’t have shot. It’s about time they get rid of him, stop the coverup, don’t allow him to wait for his retirement for this latest investigation. Get rid of him now.

Do the right thing

So, Mr. Cortelyou is still on the face of the Earth. I hope he just doesn’t get a slap on the wrist from Mr. Toomey, I’ve a lot of faith in Mr. Toomey. He’s come a long way from people not liking him to showing the people that he does the right thing.

Help wanted

Hey, if that cop loses his job he could always get another job over there on the street department, I’m sure they need another guy. I don’t think they’re quite getting the work done with eight. So, yeah, he doesn’t have to worry, he can keep his pension, keep his holiday time, he’ll probably get better holiday time. Yeah, keep him informed on that, he can get a job over there on that street department.

Native daughter

At the first Democratic debate, two candidates spoke for a minute in Spanish. Not to be outdone, Elizabeth Warren spoke the whole time in her native tongue.

Hey, Joe

Joe, I guess that’s your name, Joe. We don’t have Frog on here again do we? You know what they call a person that takes children away from their parents? They call them kidnappers.

Take action

As a taxpayer of Shamokin, I was wondering how long they will let this cop patrol the streets when he can’t even uphold the law himself? This is the fourth major incident and I’m wondering what the mayor or chief of police will do to get this guy out of here.

Bunch of fertilizer

I was watching the Democratic debate the last two nights and they certainly could have a lot of fertilizer after these people get done. One thing the Democrats are saying is there’s only 11 million illegals. Actually, it’s close to 40 and maybe more. They’re all offering free stuff and I was waiting for them to offer free pizza three nights a week with free delivery but the show ended.

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