All male

When I look at the pictures of the invasion of our Southern border, about 98 percent of the people are young male. Where are the females? Where are the babies? You don’t see them in the pictures.

A national acrobat

Trump declares himself to be a”nationalist.” People who advocate this policy believe they are superior to others. They have a special identity which excludes the interest of other nations. Historically, racism and Nazism had roots with nationalism. These people promote hate for other people other than their own. This is how Trump governs. When he feels his policies are threatened, his followers chant, “U.S.A.” indicative of their commitment to him and his philosophies.

History of violence

The political speech which incites violence and the extreme vilification of opponents that we see today started with Trump and has led to the attempted bombing of at least 12 prominent vocal opponents of Trump. Yet Republicans blame the media and refuse to speak out against Trump’s dangerous rhetoric.

Semper Fi

I am a 71-year-old Marine Corps vet, and played for Coach Jazz Diminick. I cried while reading the article. Ed Binkoski and Jazz are legends in the coal region. How fortunate are we to have them mentor our lives as teenagers and present themselves as role models to be emulated? These men taught us to face challenges, navigate through them and be accountable, kind and loyal. Coaches Darrah and Hynoski, you have very big shoes to fill and from what I see, doing it professionally and with respect.

With representation

Please note that the $156 dollar tax on wages for the majority of people who don’t live in Harrisburg but work there is attached to their pay without their consent. They have no say in how this money is spent or what amount is being charged. This tax is being taken from workers from their paycheck and they have no say in the matter. None.

Cult of personality

I’ll use your terminology. This is the “Trump cult member” or at least one of thousands upon thousands of “cult members” who believe the man is doing a good job. First off, quit calling us names. It not only degrades us but it puts you in a bad light as being stupid and ignorant. About Trump’s tax cut exploding the deficit, look back at the last eight years under Obama and see how the deficit exploded. You, sir, do not know what you are talking about.

Gas gouged

For years in Sound Off we complained about gas prices and who is ripping us off in the Shamokin Area compared to other close by areas. On Monday, Oct. 22 I filled my tank in Lewisburg. The gas price was $2.87 a gallon. When I came home I drove by a gas station and the price was $3.07. We are being ripped of by 20 cents a gallon. Outrageous.

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