If we go back to horse and buggy, maybe there would be fewer gun factories to make those wonderful semi-automatics that do absolutely no harm at all. Grow up.

Domestic terrorism

Trump constantly invents an existential threat that puts his followers in danger. He demonizes immigrants and those who oppose him. Nonstop coverage of the president’s trumped-up claims by Fox News assists the brainwashing. The natural result is domestic terrorism.

Crazy president

Trump said massive forest fires covering hundreds of thousands of acres could be prevented by raking leaves. He attacked the commander of the Navy SEALS who directed the killing of Osama bin Laden. He called the murderous regime of Saudi Arabia a speculative ally, and then told us he was too busy with phone calls to go to Arlington Cemetery on Veterans Day. Just when you thought Trump could not get crazier, he actually does.

Bad signal

I am a Mount Carmel fan. Still, one would think that if Southern can afford turf, they certainly can afford to have an internet connection in the press box. I think Roth wanted to make everyone come to the game. Editor’s take: Let’s take off the tin-foil hat. Internet service is always touch-and-go in that area, assuming you’re referring to some of the trouble WKMC-TV had in trying to live-stream the game. We’re sure Roth isn’t worried about fan count.

Cars don’t kill people ...

I’ve seen it all now with “Roadkill.” It isn’t the vehicles that are doing the killing. It’s the people behind the wheel. How are you supposed to get to work or the hospital or doctor’s appointments? The world would come to a stop without vehicles.

Blame game

There was an article in Sunday’s News-Item that said many wildfire survivors are too busy seeking help to watch Trump. This whole debacle in Califorinia is very, very sad, especially the loss of human life. However, the article by implication somehow blames President Trump for being there.

Roadside assistance

I don’t know if they’ll read this, but I want to thank all the kind people who stopped and offered assistance when my car broke down on Saturday outside of Sunbury on Brush Valley Road. A man and his son were especially helpful; they pushed my car off the road and called a tow truck. I thank these people from the bottom of my heart.

Cars are safer; guns aren’t

There are fewer auto fatalities every year. Cars are safer and laws that reduce risk have evolved. One gets to choose if one is in an automobile. The same is not true of being a gunshot victim. The purpose of an auto is not to kill; the opposite is true about guns.

Here’s your signal

I’d like to Sound Off about traffic signals in our area. The one at Burger King needs to be put on a timer; traffic is stopped on Route 61 for no reason. Second, we really need a traffic signal at Independence and Rock and Eighth and Independence? That’s my Sound Off. Everyone at The News-Item, Frog, have a happy Thanksgiving. Gobble, gobble. Editors’ take: Thanks, and same to you and yours.

Meuser musings

This is in response to “No man’s land.” That’s not true. Congressional candidate Dan Meuser was here in the Shamokin area many times, at many events. With Dan winning in November, I think he’ll represent our area very well in Washington.

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