Hey Joe, I read your sound back today about if you have problems with people to run a letter to the editor, but in the same newspaper today, you let stuff be said about Shuey and Schiccatano. So which way are you going here, buddy? Editor: Charlie Shuey and Sam Schiccatano are both elected officials who signed up for public scrutiny when they took office. All comments made about the two, whether in support or opposition, were in response to a discussion that happened at a public meeting. I doubt either of them are losing sleep about the citizens’ opinions.

Shamokin downfall

The good people of Shamokin have been living with an eyesore for many years. Conditions that exist are bad and nothing is being done to eliminate any problems. I live in the eastern part of Coal Township and everyday I watch eye and ear sores being formed and it looks like it will be here a long time.

Kulpmont signs

I would like to know why Kulpmont Borough Council has not placed the crosswalk signs on Route 61? Usually, they go up April 1 and here it is, Easter weekend, and a lot of visitors are in town and you can’t cross the street on 61 because it’s basically an expressway.

Cross on the bank

I would like to thank all of the people involved in erecting the cross on the coal bank in Shamokin. That was a very beautiful gesture and I say happy Easter to everyone.

Educate yourself

In response to “We’re broke” in Thursday’s edition: For one thing, we are not going to home rule as of yet. It’s going on the May primary ballot to see if people want to approve it. If you were smart enough you would go to one of the city council meetings and find out about home rule. I strongly advise that you do. I for one am against it, but that’s my choice and you should make yours.

Barr is lying

Everything that Barr said is defending Donald Trump. If it’s true what he said, then why doesn’t he just show the Mueller Report to the public? Why doesn’t he just put it out there? Let us see it. To me it sounds like a coverup.

Breathe free

Trump’s intent is “political punishment” for the “sanctuary cities” by sending the asylum-seeking immigrants to these locations. This is a challenge for these areas. Why not accept them, work with them, incorporate them into the traditional welcoming nation as expressed by the Statue of Liberty and the “yearning to breath free.” Call Trump’s bluff and accept these migrants.

You da’ man

Clausi is correct, the business tax is not charged evenly. The enforcers only go after establishments which own the building they conduct business out of because then there are assets to threaten. How could Mr. Clausi be a Democrat and not support a tax that sticks it to you until you are a renter, then leaves you alone and goes to makes a renter of another? They are all about equality. Once we are equally poor, their goals are met. Cough up, Mr. Clausi!

Bloomin’ trees

The trees on Market Street in Shamokin look beautiful in bloom. I don’t want to sound stupid (I’m not an arborist) but what kind of trees are they? Joe’s take: I’m not an arborist either, but from my research I believe they are specie of pear trees. An ornamental that gives off an offensive odor, as well as pretty blossoms.

Not enough cops

The Shamokin Police Department just lost two more good officers to retirement and now the staffing shortage is dangerously low. It’s a safety issue, not just to the officers themselves, but the community as a whole. A very different and violent world is outside our front doors today, and the police department is not able to keep pace because they are being under-served by the lack of resources from both the mayor and town council. Step it up, Mayor Brown, and do something.

Political hack

The attorney general works for the United States not the president. He is suppose protect the Constitution and enforce the laws of the land. Attorney General Barr is not Rudy Guiliani, but he acts like Trump’s personal attorney — not the nation’s top law enforcement officer. Barr took the attorney general job first and foremost to protect Trump, not serve as the independent watchdog of the nation’s legal system. Barr has broke his oath of office. He is a political hack wit no credibility.

Change of address

We should take it easy on Mr. Shuey. He is correct. The construction project is rife with deep-rooted corruption, delays, incompetence and massive cost over-runs. He just has the wrong building. He is referring to the township’s rec center on Arch street.

Big disgrace

Even Fox News star Chris Wallace questioned Attorney General Bill Barr’s credibility in his handling the release of results of the Mueller probe. Wallace said, “The attorney general seemed almost to be the counselor for the defense, the counselor for the president and not the attorney general... and really, as I say, making the case for the president.” Barr is a shill for Trump and disgrace to the office, he should resign.

Anonymous donor

Did anyone else catch the sentence from the Shamokin school board meeting report, that there is an anonymous donor that has stepped up to pay for the replacement of the turf field? That’s fantastic! Is it possible we can thank Coach Hynoski and possibly some New York Giants teammates? Hopefully, the old turf can be repurposed on some other fields. The soccer field is a mess and after any amount of rain the teams never play on it. Like now, there’s machinery stuck on it, because some maintenance genius thought they could roll it, except it’s a swamp.

Paddle ‘em

I think we should line up a bunch of the Shamokin Area School Board members and paddle them. Let’s start with Mr. Getchey. He’s one bad hombre. It actually might knock some sense into him. This guy has some loose screws. You can’t paddle students in 2019. Our school district would be sued to no end, and then how would we be able to pay for two superintendents?

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