For the children

I voted to honor my seven granddaughters. They will also know that I will never vote for a predator or those who support him.

Day by day

For all the candidates out there, come and take your election signs down. I think you should be fined every day that they are up after the election. Editor’s take: I think we can give them a week or two. Running for office is a time-consuming challenge, especially for those at the local level. We can detest politicians, but we should appreciate the sacrifice it takes to run for public office.

At what cost?

Catholics and evangelicals have given up their values for anti-abortion gains. The Republican Party has used abortion to manipulate the religious. The abortion rhetoric by religious leaders, who are in the Republicans’ pocket, have blinded devoted Christians to all other injustices: children separated from parents, refugees refused safety, women denigrated and abused and health care denied to the vulnerable.


Lou Barletta, pioneer in immigration scare-ism, is out of a job. He made sure that any time any immigrant ran afoul of the law, anywhere in the country, we knew about it. I suspect he will be appointed as the warden of Buchenwald, should the anti-immigration people fully revert to the shadow of history from which their character is drawn.

Threat is real

I watched Don Lemon; he discussed a survey, as did others on MSNBC and CNN, that stated that white men radicalized to the right were the biggest terror threat. I don’t know, but as an older white woman, I would be more afraid of a KKK member than some poor immigrant trying to cross the border.

Press, press, pull

The arrogance, rudeness, unprofessional attitude and remarks by Trump at the recent press conference, and his accusations that the press, specifically CNN and the Democrats, are “the enemy of the people,” absolutely and unequivocally demonstrate this man is unbalanced, disturbed and demented.

Sticks and stones

In response to “Sad but true” by the 18-year-old, thank you for a nice comment without using insults in Sound Off, and my prayers are with you and your cause. I am disappointed that in a politically correct society where we are supposed to be anti-bullying that any of you would use insults to anyone when calling in. Things like “cult,” “Trumpkin,” “Obummer,” “deplorable,” “idiot,” “moron” or any other insults should not be called into Sound Off.

A few great men

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a Democrat, declared war on Japan in which millions were killed. He was not in the military. Harry S. Truman, a Democrat, dropped A-bombs on large cities and killed hundreds of thousands of men, women and children. He was not in the military. If it were not for these two great men doing what they did, you would now be speaking Japanese or German. Asst. editor: Caller, Truman was an artillery captain in World War I and saw action in France.

Stone the crow

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” There must be a lot of angels in this area, because there is a lot of stone throwing. Good people make mistakes. Prison is not always the answer. Rather, put that good person to work for the community. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Not in my backyard

All these four-wheelers riding downtown — maybe next time they should drive in front of the organizers’ homes. Let them have the noise and the dirt.

Speak up

Kudos to Mr. Masser for standing up for the truth. You will always have my vote and my thanks for taking the time to speak up.

Great job

Congratulations, Dave Porzi, to you and your staff for a fantastic job over the weekend. Thank you.

New leaders

Now our Congress will reflect America. In January, Native Americans, Muslims, white, black and Hispanic and those who are gay will be sworn in, and women lead the way.

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