Two out of 3

Our esteemed governor had one positive COVID test and shut everything down. Did anyone hear about the two negative tests he had right after that? Since he tested negative twice, think he’ll open things back up? What a farce.

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Biden's Been Boughten:

Joe Biden and his son take a plane trip to China and his son meets with Chinese officials, who want future favors from the influential Biden family, to make a billion dollar private deal with no talent Hunter. Joe's cut is a hidden 10 Million. The media hides and denies this until after the election. We struggle to pay our monthly bills while these corrupt lifetime politicians get rich buy selling out to the communists. How can he be president--it should have been illegal to even be on the ballot--he has committed treason and hopefully will get his.


LOL , what you say is not true. Also, a President that was impeached should not have been allowed to run again , I M O . No proof at all that Biden committed treason, but plenty of truth that the corrupt Trump family did !!

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