God picked Joseph to be the father of Jesus. He was the most honorable of the Bible at that time. Both Mary and Joseph were called on for this birth. Joseph didn’t know until after the birth. He didn’t want this marriage but God called on him four times and the angel Gabriel came to him in a dream telling him to do so. This was spoken by pastor David Jeremiah on TV Sunday morning.

Stopped short

The Christmas lights on Market Street up the park plot are very beautiful, but what happened to the last two blocks on Market Street? The 300 and 400 blocks on South Market Street, the poles don’t have any lights on them. If they are going to do them they should do the whole block and park plot on Market Street, Not do half and not worry about the rest. Editor’s take: You make it sound like these things happen without effort or money. Have you contributed time or cash?

Red alert

Really listen to the song “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” He was abused. It may be therapeutic to use this with kiddos who were bullied. There is a good ending.


Now Catholic nuns are stealing. Churches are asking for forgiveness. How about refunding the $500,000?

Great and small

All these programs to help people. How about helping the animals in so many shelters across the world? People have abandoned and abused them. They are not able to help themselves like people can. Please, help the animals.

Passed gas

Attention Elysburg residents: You are getting gouged for gas. Gas in Elysburg is $2.75. Gas in Shamokin is $2.45. Don’t buy off those people. Buy it where it is cheaper. They will eventually lower their prices.

End of story

To “Stickler for the rules,” you contradicted yourself in your own call. You said Mary conceived before being married to Joseph. End of story.


Our high IQ president declares global warming a hoax and building a wall is the only way we can stop illegal immigrants from entering our country. That wall will cost U.S. taxpayers — not Mexican citizens, more than $25 billion. I visualize a new business venture for a contractor to go into the wall building business instead of hotel construction in Russia.

Step down

It should not come down to the teacher being fired, the teacher should step down on her own. It’s the right thing to do. What a terrible message to send to impressionable students she is in contact with every day.

Who should pay? ...

Hey, Trump supporters, can you tell me why Trump is demanding $5 billion to pay for a border wall? I remember he promised the American people, over and over again, that Mexico was going to pay for the wall. I think the every person who voted for Trump should be taxed to pay for his wall since they were dumb enough to believe Lyin’ Donald.

... The 1 percenters

I think all the wealthy 1 percent, including Donald Trump, who were given billions of dollars in tax cuts by President Trump should donate $1 million dollars to the building of the border wall. This humanitarian gesture would provide more than enough money to build the wall. It would also make it unnecessary to take money from Social Security and Medicare in order to do so. Maybe there would be enough left over to build one on the Canadian border as well.

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