The sinful seven

There are now seven Trump associates convicted of various crimes. Remember what your mother said: “If you want to know what kind of a person you are, simply look at five of the people you associate with.” It appears Mueller’s investigation will add more names and “lock them up.” This administration is the most corrupt group of politicians in American history.


Coal Township’s “offer” is to demand the same money be put in a different pocket. It’s just like when Commissioner Best demanded a “donation” from the gas line people, so, of course, she supports this, too. This is cronyism that chases investment away. If the township board truly cared about anything but their egos, they would still have the $45,000 they wasted on top-rate Philadelphia lawyers to spend on their rec center.

Addicted to hate

Dear “screwed up.” What is screwed up is that Betty Ford can be an alcoholic and get a clinic named after her, and the culture be grossly overweight, yet the only addicts we want to see dead use heroin, not food or booze. One of those naloxone doses might save your grandchild after an unfortunate meeting with a pill bottle. Addicts need your help, not your hate.

Tag and release

On the issue of Narcan being given out free to people who overdose. I have a question: Are the health care professionals at the clinics going to keep records of who is getting this free medication? So that the name of the person receiving the medication is recorded and turned into the Department of Health and police departments, so that they can track these people and assist them into recovery programs or arrest them. Illegal drug use is against the law by definition. Also by monitoring them, they can ascertain who is abusing the drugs and who may be selling this free medication to drug users so they can, in fact, continue to sell their heroin without fear of their clients overdosing. This whole program is open to waste and fraud.

Put him back

Instead of putting Christ back in Christmas this year, perhaps we should try putting Christ back in Christianity.

A happy life

As a Catholic, I couldn’t be more ashamed of the decision made by Lourdes Regional and the Harrisburg diocese concerning this teacher. Every week in our petitions we pray for unborn children and to turn around and demoralize and dehumanize a woman for being pregnant in this day and age is an absolute disgrace. You have just made me question whether I want to continue to be Catholic. And to that teacher, may God be with you and bless you and that baby with a happy life.

Look no further

If any religious people are wondering religion is dying look no further than the front page of Tuesday’s News-Item. They should be giving that woman a raise and not firing her. Priests molesting children gets you transferred. Having a child with your partner gets you fired and called “immoral” on the front page of the newspaper. You guys need to set your priorities.

Something amiss

So you cannot be pregnant out of wedlock at Lourdes Regional High School or you will be fired, but you can molest children as a Catholic priest and be hidden. There is something wrong.


Regarding the firing of the teacher at Lourdes, this is my humble opinion. You knowingly lived out of wedlock with the man. You knowingly planned to have a baby out of wedlock with that person. If that is your definition of morality, that is, of course, but it is not the Catholic church’s opinion nor is it God’s definition of morality. You decided to basically thumb your nose at the church and defy their rules. You reap what you sow. Good luck to you and your significant other, but quit portraying yourself as a heroine or a victim, particularly to the young students.

Don’t get it

I don’t get it. I don’t understand it. The teacher at Lourdes gets fired because she is pregnant and single, but yet a priest can go around molesting little boys and nothing happens. What is wrong with this picture?


I can’t believe the headline about the Lourdes teacher being fired. My only thought was “unbelievable.” I wish her luck. Where is your compassion?

Great show

I don’t know any students or faculty at Shamokin High School, however, I attended the concert on Monday night and it was wonderful. It was pure talent. Thank you to the students and the faculty. It was a wonderful evening. Thank you.

Real ID

I couldn’t make the Real ID pre-qualifying, but I thought it was a great idea. Are they going to have another one?

No comparison

Please stop comparing this former OLOL teacher to Mary, mother of Jesus. This birth was in a league of its own. And as far as marriage, Joseph wasn’t really the father, so we can’t compare this to that.

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