Winner, winner

The proposal by the Coal Township commissioners to settle their lawsuit with the county is a perfect compromise. It will save the taxpayers thousands of dollars in lawyer fees. By negotiating a settlement amount and using it for the recreation facility, both parties come out winners. Best of all, the big winners will be the kids and senior citizens who will use this facility.

Fox rules

Trump plans to appoint a former Fox News host to the very important position of ambassador to the UN. I lost count of how many Fox News people have been hired to top jobs by President Trump. Apparently, the qualified people do not want anything to do with the crazytown that is the Trump administration. We should change the name of our country to the United States of Fox.

Common sense

Did you fail in your mission? Is the “law” more important than fostering love? I’d say 99 out of 100 do not follow that rule nowadays. Whose fault it is? It is so easy to condemn or become prideful if you do. A common sense approach would be to explain why it is best to wait until marriage, to have a stable, loving household and, hopefully, create an inseparable bond that lasts forever. Generally speaking, I don’t like to see single mothers. It’s ideal, but it doesn’t always happen. Lose your job if you have a child and you’re not married? I’m pro-life and pro-love or do I condemn? Rebuke!

Free the deer

I am a longtime hunter, dog and horse adoption advocate. Caging these deer and subjecting them to harassment from humans and animals is absolutely ridiculous. The average coal region resident only needs to go to their front or backyard, Bear Gap or Hegins to see all the deer they want in their natural environment.

Who are you to judge?

When asked to comment on the controversial subject of gays and immorality, the pope answered, “Who am I to judge?” Where do the hierarchy in the Harrisburg diocese and a local female principal think they have the power to determine that an unmarried woman, blessed with the ability to have a child, committed an immoral act and is fired from her job. You are so wrong. Repent and reinstate this teacher.

Welcome the baby

Christmas is coming. This is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ in which we celebrate. Was he welcomed even though Mary didn’t have a certificate of marriage to Joseph? Why, yes, he was. Should we not welcome the baby of Naiad Reich with the same amount of love? Why, yes, we should. My trees love signs, and I welcome more signs from those who oppose the decision of Sister Mary Anne Bednar and welcome more signs of protest. After all, I have lots of trees.

Lips are sealed

Would a young female student at OLOL who discusses and admits to the principal she is taking birth control medication be expelled from the school? Isn’t this immoral since church rules and regulations do not permit contraception? Young ladies will likely keep their lips sealed on this matter.

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