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A caller stated that 30,000 people die each year in the United States from gunshots. This number includes all categories such as suicides and justifiable homicides i.e., people shot in self defense. Remove those and the number is less than half. Are you proposing that we disarm the police so that we can reduce the justifiable homicides? Keep reading stats and you’ll go from a gun-banner to a gun-buyer.

Wink and nod

Our stable, genius president stated he discussed “the Russian hoax” during his hour-long conversation with Vladimir Putin. After the Mueller investigation proved the Russian government attacked our 2016 election, did Trump tell Putin not to attack our next election and threaten a U.S. response if it occurred? No, Comrade Trump told his mentor Vladimir it was all a hoax, which was Trump’s wink and a nod to tell the Russians to help him again in the 2020 election.


Mr. Maresca, you hit it out of the ballpark with the “Italian Leftover” article in Sunday’s paper. My hats off to you, sir. Everyone — and I mean, everyone — should read that article.

$325 Jeep

$325 to enter a Jeep jamboree? Is it to ride the trails or are they buying the Jeep? Hokey smokes, to put it kindly.

Do-nothing students

I’ve lived in Mount Carmel all my life and agree that the Bucknell students have done nothing that resulted in a positive difference to improve our town. I agree with the caller who said all they do is satisfy a course requirement, and then another group shows up for the same self-serving reason. Now is a good time for the mayor and town council to send off a letter to the president of Bucknell and challenge their students to come here armed with solutions to the known problems, instead of continually rehashing all the negatives that people living here know all about. Joe’s take: Cut them a break, they’re only college students. Trying to do something is better than doing nothing. As for providing solutions to the borough’s problems, isn’t that what elected officials are supposed to do?

Hissy fit

In response to “From Russia with Love,” much like the election, you just can’t get over the fact you’re not getting what you want, and you keep throwing a hissy fit. There was no collusion. I know you can’t wrap your mind around that, but please try. Since day one, with you all screaming in the streets “Not my president” to this day, all you’re doing is confirming to me that I made the right choice. If you want to protest someone, protest Rep. Omar, the Somali-born Muslim who hates this country. But either way, please move on from this.

Meeting the enemy

The Republicans have relinquished their power of checks and balances to the president. Debate and compromise are no longer the methods to solve problems and govern effectively. Trump promises simple solutions to complex issues and disregards the advice of experienced and expert advisors. He proclaims only he can fix things. This leads to autocracy and control. I’ve mentioned it before, the day is coming when Republicans will realize the words of Walt Kelly’s Pogo are true: “We have met the enemy, and he is us!”

Cave danger

A few days ago, I mentioned about a mine fire in the vicinity of the western end of the “Caves.” This is a very dangerous situation for children and adults to be in that area. There could be a cave-in, or just the fumes alone may be toxic. The AOAA needs to take this seriously before something very bad happens. Just saying, because I seen no replies to my comment. Joe’s take: Have you spoken to the AOAA about this? How about someone in the county commissioners’ office. Calling in Sound Off isn’t exactly the best route to take on this matter, as serious as it sounds.

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This is in response to do nothing students. Give them a break? They are getting a break. They're using this to finish their degrees. We are doing them the favor! And I don't know if the students in Mt. Carmel got paid, but the students coming to Shamokin will be. I'm all for helping any students but we are doing them a favor. Call it what it is. Don't try and make it like they are going to do something for our area. It just isn't so.

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