Holy rollers

I love all these so-called holy roller people. Bunch of phony baloneys. They are all Trump fans and they love lying like he does.

Blue boys

If most of the news agencies day after day just fiercely attacked Gov. Wolf and Sen. Casey, I wonder how long it would take for you to start hearing from them and have them complaining about the media?


Vice President Mike Pence wrote in an op-ed “The President’s repeated lies to the American people compound the case against him as they demonstrate his failure to protect the institution of the presidency.” I totally agree with Mike Pence’s op-ed which argued that a president who lied to the American people and had extra-marital affairs should be removed from office. That is what Pence said about President Clinton, now the devout Christian Pence thinks that lying and cheating are acceptable conduct for President Trump. Hypocrite!

‘Tired’ of it

I live near the auto repair business at Fifth and Market streets in Mount Carmel. There are approximately 50 used tires lying outside the building along with several junk vehicles. These tires are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Why don’t borough officials make the owner of this property clean up this property as well as other eyesore properties he owns in the borough? This man is a detriment to the community.

Pool it

On the pool behind the Wayside, yes there was. I worked there in the summer of 1956, about a half mile down the road from the pool was the little giant.

By the Wayside

Yes, the gentleman was right. There was a pool behind the Wayside. In 1952 when Hurricane Diane came through, the pool remained very sparsely opened until then. I guess he doesn’t remember the road that went past there that went to the bottom of Badman’s Hill.

Dirty apes

Republicans do not care about treason. They would vote for Putin himself over any Democrat. That is what 25 years of propaganda from Rupert Murdoch has done to their primitive minds. They don’t believe in America. They are not patriots. They have dissolved into a cult of angry white people who would rather watch the world burn before giving up their blind hatred for a country that they will endlessly tell you they love.

Community man

It is time to thank those who help our community. Thank you, Tim Vincent, for all the hard work you do with the children of our community to make things look beautiful. You do a wonderful job and your time is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

It was there

When I was growing up there was a pool down in the Wayside area. It was behind where the sewer authority is now in an area known as the little giant who ran a store here in Shamokin. He lived there and there was a swimming pool in that area.

That old saw

Monday, Aug. 6 News-Item. In the opinion section another anti-Trump cartoon blatantly making an ass out of him. Down below it, another article denigrating Trump entitled “Trump and the Death of Truth.” Everyday. Everyday and you are telling me that this News-Item doesn’t have an anti-Trump agenda? Give me a break!

No word

Bishop Gainer’s apology for the abusive priests appears genuine and heartfelt, however no word out of OLOL about their two principals on the list of sex abuse of minors.

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