No charges

Concerning President Trump’s impeachment. The Mueller investigation has been going on for 18 months and not one charge of collusion with the Russians, which was the reason for him and his 16-lawyer panel to be investigating. Yet, he is going to continue to investigate?


It is ironic that Ruth Bader-Ginsberg’s only reason for refusing to retire is her partisan fanaticism, which by rights disqualifies her from the bench.

Shamokin pride

I would like to commend and thank Mayor Brown and his wife for all the time they gave to all of us and taking such great pride in our city at such a busy time of the year. They made the people proud of their homes in this community. A job well done, mayor and wife.

Dems know better

A border patrol agent of 22 years emphasized the necessity of building a barrier or wall on the southern border to aid in securing the border. The cost is a minimal amount of the budget. Apparently, Nancy Pelosi thinks she knows better and refuses to comply with the wishes of the president and most Americans to build a wall. She calls the wall “immoral” while signing a bill and sending 12 million dollars to foreign countries to pay for abortions. The refusal of the Democrats to fund the wall is causing the continuation of the government shutdown. Democrat political success trumps national security.


I am calling about the recycling center. I am agreeing with the other caller. It is a shame they are never open anymore.

Bad Job

Trump inherited an economy on the upswing, but instead of continuing with a logical and sustainable strategy, his economy is based on bribing big business with deregulation and trillions in corporate welfare, with pennies going to the working class. Soon the sugar high will wear off and all America will have to show for it will be more pollution, inequity, and massive debt.


I am a lifelong resident of Kulpmont and I do believe that council is doing a great job, but I do believe that some of the Kulpmont100 people, some of them better change their attitudes because they are very nasty and arrogant. That is going to kill Kulpmont.

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