Bowels voided

Today I saw a prominent local person in Mount Carmel walking his dog at Third and Hickory and that was real nice. But it wasn’t nice that the dog had a very large bowel movement and instead of the attorney picking it up he let it lay there. Please clean up after your dog.

Home run

Maresca’s Sunday column was a home run and should be included in every Catholic Church bulletin this weekend for those who still attend Mass and have not read it.

Give it back

If it ain’t (forgive me, Ms. Stellfox, about the contraction) about the money, Mr. Zack, then give it back to the school district. Problem solved.

Gotsta get paid

This is a little-known news flash that the new legislators that haven’t even taken office yet are getting a paycheck starting Dec. 1, 2018. Approximately $8,000 towards their $88,000 salary. The idea behind this is that since being a legislator is a full-time job they need to be paid for the month of December since they were already elected in November.

Seasoned vet

Nancy Pelosi has always promoted and supported the Democratic agenda in representing the American public. She is experienced and knowledgeable. It makes sense for the Democrats to select her as their leader instead of someone without experience who must go to battle with the president since he seeks to circumvent ways to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution” because of his lack of knowledge and inability to discharge the duties of his office.

Slow it down

Having the Democrats control the House of Representatives will likely put a “brake,” but not halt, on the nonsense and lies of Trump and this administration. We will likely continue with the polarization, disparity and continuing gridlock at the national level. We’ll have a better chance to observe civility and a functional democracy at home with our state and local government.

Follow the leader

Some people still believe McCarthy was correct regarding Communists in Hollywood in the 1950s and that Nixon did nothing wrong. Today, one-third of Americans still follow and believe Trump even though recognized national newspapers have documented that Trump has made over 6,000 false statements! How did Trump create this apathy among this group of people to accept his behavior?

Trump in Russia

During his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump repeatedly told Americans that he had no business dealings with Russia. Now, Trump’s personal lawyer presented the court evidence that Trump was working with the Russian government in the summer of 2016 to make a deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Trump deceived the voters about his dealings with Russia. He would have never won the election if the voters knew these facts about con-man Trump.

Trump versus judges

Why does Trump hate the judicial system? Well, he has been sued numerous times. In most cases, he generally loses, and when he does have a so-called “win,” it’s because suppliers and individuals do not have the money to argue against his team of New York lawyers. Plus, many of his executive orders have been revoked by various judges.

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