Good job, Good Samaritan

That individual that donated to the Shamokin police should be commended. Our police are a true nonprofit and selfless with their job in every sense of the word. If everyone in this town contributed $10 to the Manna food pantry, police, fire departments, library and Shepherd’s Table imagine what we could do. People forget that there is a lot of cost with equipment and its upkeep to serve the community.

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Susan A Yucha

Since the start of the Pandemic our Medical Experts have had it wrong on the stats and numbers and demanded we believe the projections of millions of deaths. Stats . or numbers are a little confusing without taking into consideration the "natural" cycles of life in a country with 330 million people on how many die on a given day from all causes including the life cycle of AGE. The numbers presently being tauted from Covid 19 are normal for a population our size without the Virus . The Medical Experts have addmitted they did not have the right stats and over estimated the deahs from this Pandemic BIO Attack from China and it went fro Millions to thousands a normal rate of death in a cou ntry this size.


Okay Susan


Wolfmaster2k love it LOL! There is no getting through to them !


To doing our work:: you are so right , he does not need anyone's help, to make him look STUPID , he does that every time he opens his mouth!!


To take the money , bet you will cash yours too , but yet you claim to be against socialism. How does your idea about that work again??? Why don't you give your check to the TRUMP campaign? L O L !!!!!! P . S . Also, not Trump's money to give!


Kudos...They did jump on the socialist band wagon pretty quick once money was involved...They love their cult leader...


cult leader = Anti Christ !


Dear God , why can't people see PURE EVIL when it is right in front of them??? WAKE UP , before it is too late cult followers !

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