I read the code violations in the paper. Three of the five people were cited for accumulation of rubbish and trash outside, but two of the five were cited for “rubbing” and trash outside. That rubbing shouldn’t be allowed. I hope it isn’t contagious or some kind of new fad. Rubbing in public. You should be ashamed.

Jail time

Northumberland County Prison, I read where there is inmate assaults, staff assaults, staff with drugs, inmate deaths, management problems and overtime issues. I think it is time to fire the warden. Apparently, he doesn’t know what he is doing.

Stay out

Let’s not forget that Lee Harvey Oswald denounced his American citizenship, moved to Russia and became part of their culture. Let’s not have someone new come back to America and do what he did.

Arkham Asylum

To the Saturday Sound Off caller who stated that if Trump said he was Batman, Trump cult members would believe him. I totally agree. If Trump said he was Batman, Fox News would report that they discovered a secret bat cave in the basement of Trump Tower and Sean Hannity would dress up as Batman’s sidekick, Robin, on Hannity’s nightly propaganda hour. Trumpeters would believe it all because they know that whatever Fox News reports is the gospel truth.

Nap time

Pelosi won’t condemn representative Omar for her anti-Semitic rhetoric. She claims that Omar didn’t understand what she was saying. Is Omar a congresswoman or an elementary school girl? Omar preaches anti-Semitism, supports ISIS and condemns the U.S. support for Israel. Democrats are never responsible for their words or their actions. They blame everyone else for hate speech. I wonder if their resolution includes anti-hate for President Trump and the conservatives?


What’s with all the hoopla they make you go through if a doctor prescribes for you to take medical marijuana? From what I understand, it isn’t for making you high, it’s to relieve various symptoms of chronic pain and nausea. The same way ibuprofen helps some people. On the other hand, recreational marijuana affects your brain and makes you high. So again, what’s with all the hoopla?

Thanks, Kulpmont PD

I’d just like to take a minute to say thank you to the Kulpmont police officers. Our community has been improving steadily since the new officers have joined. The response time has improved. I’m looking forward to a safer Kulpmont in the future. I’m very proud to call Kulpmont my home. Keep up the great job guys!

Sound the alarm

I am calling in regards to the whole issue going on at the Shamokin Area School District with the administration doing (PIAA) work on the school’s and taxpayers’ time and money. It’s a little alarming that our school board knew about this going on and did not do anything about it. Actually, some of them think that it was OK. I have no confidence in our school board being able to be fair in looking into this situation. This needs to go to an outside agency like the district attorney or the state attorney general’s office.


I just want to say something about Geisinger — and I hope this is payback for they did to me. They just sent me a prescription to the pharmacy and it is not covered by my insurance and I know it is going to be expensive. They are going to get theirs.

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Individuals call in to Sound Off 20 times in one week? Wow! Sounds like kooks to me.

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