Values under attack

Sen. Horono and Sen. Harris interrogated a nominee for the U.S. District Court because he was a Catholic, and therefore, questioned whether holding Christian beliefs should prohibit one from occupying public office. Do they forget that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian values? It should be that anyone not upholding these values should be prohibited from occupying any one of the three branches of government.

Eagles choked

I have a question for the readers? What team that played in last year’s Super Bowl will be playing in this year’s Super Bowl? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles were back into the playoffs this year, Chicago handed them the game they did win, they jumped out 14-0 against the Saints in the first quarter and then they choked. Same team as last year, different results.

Unfinished business

I see Klebon is now running for commissioner in the county. How about he start working on the bullying problem in Southern Columbia? Let’s get started with that, OK?

Fly, Eagles, fly

This is to the satisfied, but disgruntled Dallas Cowboy fan that called Philadelphia scum. Your coach got you to the playoffs, and you lost anyway. Jason Garrett, your coach, is from the Philadelphia area. Abington, to be precise. How good does this get? A Philadelphia coach for the Dallas Cowboys. Who’s your daddy?

Breaking the law

President Donald Trump, the most powerful person in the world, publicly and repeatedly threatened the family of Michael Cohen. Because of Trump’s threats, Cohen now does not want to testify in Congress about the president. Criminal law 18 U.S.C.:1512 states: “Whoever knowingly uses intimidation...or attempts to do so...with intent to...influence, delay, or prevent the testimony of any person” is guilty of a felony.” Trump clearly broke the law. Lock him up!

End it now

We have reached the point where Trump and the Republicans need to realize it’s time for Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh to end the government shutdown. Trump previously approved two federal budgets when the Republicans controlled both houses of Congress. Now he shuts down the government because the Democrats won’t give him what the Republicans did not.


Once again, the Commonwealth has bullied its way into our pockets to take more of our hard earned money. Starting this week, the state has demanded that third-party booking agencies like Expedia, charge their customers 6 percent reservation tax. So if you have a cabin or rent a place at the shore for the summer that you rent through a travel agency, be prepared to pay the 6 percent increase in your rental fee. Is there no end to their ability to steal our money?

Grand designs

The plan for the new Dollar General store in Shamokin seems well thought out with hope to blend into the environment. We can never replace the grand building that was there. The Dollar General is a new-age department store offering clothes, groceries, toys, cards and so forth to many small towns. The Dollar General is a good store.

Super lies

This Superman is telling Wonder Woman I counted all of your 8,159 lying calls to Sound Off.

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Values under attack-- Stop lying. This nation was not founded on "Judeo-Christian" values. A Judge is supposed to administer the law impartially with no regard to religion. It is a legitimate question to ask of a judge. Stop playing the victim that a poor poor Catholic judge is being attacked. Read the Constitution and stop listening to right wing media. Besides , Mr. Maresca, you have your soapbox on Sunday to spread your lies.

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