Danville did it

I see where the Danville superintendent quit, so they hired another superintendent per diem. Why couldn’t our school do the same in Shamokin? Instead, they hired two. Now our taxes will be outrageous. We’re a poverty-stricken area. Let them look at Danville so we can do the same. Get some brains.

Cat food

Beware: There’s a woman in the Fifth Ward of Shamokin walking around the area looking for cats to feed her snake. I thought this is concerned animal cruelty? She should be reported to the police.

Think about this

It seems that a lot of the Democrats are disappointed with the findings of the Mueller report. Now you think about that statement for a minute. That means they are disappointed and upset that we do not have a crook in the White House who colluded with Russians. They are disappointed that Trump has been exonerated. You think about that statement and let it sink in. That’s how bad it is.

Black eye

Yes, it’s so sad for the city of Shamokin to have another black eye with the stabbing. So sad what this town has become. You can only remember the good old days, the way it used to be.

Where the kids play

I’d like to know what happened to the Coal Township playground that was supposed to be so nice? There’s three things for children to play on with an empty building sitting there. You call that a playground?

Sweet illusion

Bob Chesney should have had a special meeting with the cops to see who is still on the force before he ran his boasting letter about how he and his other greater-than-thou crew secured Kulpmont’s police force. His illusion of having a sweet relationship was scarred by the fact that one of his officers was on the front page of the same paper accepting a job in Mount Carmel. Please save some sugar for the Easter bunny to make candy, Bob.

Inner beauty

Although ridiculous, most people care little about Trump’s makeup and hair, but have major concerns about his honor, honesty, morals, integrity and preparedness, or lack there of.

For the teacher

Oh, holier than thou Lourdes, give the fired teacher a break. The only reason you let have her insurance was to make yourself look good after making a horrific decision to let a very competent teacher go.

On pitch

This is ridiculous that for two years in a row, the baseball field is not ready for the Mount Carmel baseball season. All of their games are away. I don’t get home until 3:30 p.m. and the games are at 4 p.m. I miss half of the games and sometimes all of the games. I’m sure the school district knows when baseball season is, but I bet the football field is ready.

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