There should be three Sound Offs. One for Trump lovers, a second for Kenn Splitt and company and a third for the rest of us low-class working people airing our complaints about what is wrong with the area and let the rich straighten out their own problems. Frog’s take: That’s a hard no.

Empty words

These politicians come out and promise you everything and then they get in office and they do nothing. They should be kicked out of office in six months if they don’t keep their promises. All they do is lie.

Drop a dime

I am from Mount Carmel and I wonder if there are any coin collectors are out there that would know what an 1871 dime is worth. I have found one. Asst. Editor: Look it up online or in a coin book. It mostly depends on rarity and the coin’s condition.

Healthy and wise

Do you plan on never having a major health problem? If you or a loved one do get a major health problem under the Republicans you will not be able to afford the care no matter how good the economy is doing. It will be in our best interest to have a more balanced system of power. To make America great again, we must make America healthy again. Making health care unaffordable to a sick person is a death sentence.

Big joke

I think it is a big joke that these four-wheelers are coming down from the AOAA. Guys directing traffic and other people are at stop signs waiting for them to go through. I think if they want to come down to town, they should come down in their own vehicles.

Can’t beat them

Now I can see why Line Mountain doesn’t schedule Southern Columbia or Mount Carmel during the regular season. They can’t beat them.

Great season

I would like to commend Shamokin football coaches and the players for a great season. I just think it is nice that they won more games than they won in the past three years and they won a playoff game. That is unbelievable. I think we should be very proud of our purple and white this year.

Smooth sailing

I’ve been working the polls for the last 15 years. I’m always impressed with the efficiency, courtesy and professionalism from the county workers. You drive up to a long line of cars to the back of the building and within minutes, the gentlemen remove the voting machines without interruption. You then proceed to the front of the building and take your paperwork inside. At first, it seems like total confusion, but it turns out to be another swift and orderly process. The poll worker confirmations are handled smoothly and then you take the satchel filled with the voting documents and deposit it with another group that performs this task just as efficiently.

This is the end

Election Day has passed and with it all those spiteful and hateful commercials on TV. Hooray!

Lunch bunch

Motyka, Niglio and Varano are on the sewer authority. Weren’t they part of the Kulpmont council that wasted a couple of hundred thousand dollars on the Taj Mahal? Why should we think that bunch would watch our money at the sewer authority?

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