The outsiders

I don’t like the fact that The News-Item calls these outsiders Shamokin women or men. They’re not from Shamokin, they reside in Shamokin. They come here bringing their drugs or to be closer to someone in prison or for the cheap housing. I’m not prejudiced, but I do call a spade a spade. These names you see for stabbings or riots or killings are not Shamokin residents, they are city scum from Philadelphia or elsewhere coming here to bilk the system. Our local politicians want to bring industry to attract people to move here for their tax base. Well, they did, they brought the prisons and attracted people and now you pay the price by having to deal with them. If you people don’t know how to act civilized, get the hell out and go back to where you came from. Joe’s take: The people in the April 6 headline story had Shamokin addresses, hence, they live in Shamokin. I’m originally from New Jersey; not too far from Trenton, Camden and Philly. So how many years should I live here before I can say “I’m from Shamokin?”


I see Saturday’s secondary front-page headline, “Shamokin woman charged with attempted murder, flees area.” This person, and all those involved are not “Shamokin” people, they are the non-working trash. Yes, I said it, from the Philly, New Jersey and New York areas that migrate here for the free benefits. My closing statement: Thanks again, Joe Bressi. Joe’s take: What sort of “free benefits”? You mean there aren’t any “free benefits” in those places you mentioned?

Party values

I am 66 and was adopted by wonderful Catholic parents who were always Democrat. None of us ever supported abortion, so I do not need to see a movie and I do not need to be told how to vote. One of the things that my parents and I were delighted to help pass was Civil Rights and women’s rights. I do not judge others. If you do not know me, do not judge me. I am speaking for those who attack in Sound Off.

Black and blue

The “Talking openly about police suicide” article is gun control malarkey. Nearly everyone in rural areas has access to a gun, yet there is nothing remarkable about their suicide rates. The fact is that police are different. Ask their spouses, who have a 40% chance of suffering abuse. Police work attracts suicidal people. Joe’s take: Your last sentence stuns me, caller. Is this fact or just your opinion?

3 sups needed

There seems to be lots of problems at the Shamokin schools. Maybe the Shamokin school district needs three superintendents.

We won

I heard The News-Item got a couple of awards. One was for telling more lies in an article called “Sound Off” and the other is for more pages of entertainment than there is news. Editor: Thanks for contributing to Sound Off!


Does anyone else out there in Sound Off land think it’s a conflict of interest that the mayor and his wife are running for every position in the city. I just wonder what people think about that. Talk about conflict of interest.


In regards to abandoned vehicles, those abandoned Chevy trucks in the parking lot where they tore the school down in Brady that doesn’t have inspection on them: When are the Coal Township police gonna ticket that? They’ve been there for the past month. Nothing ever said? Nah, of course.

One and done

There needs to be term limits, in particular, on county commissioners. Neither one of those candidates should be able to run again as they really have done nothing for our county. Just like through the years, most of our commissioners didn’t, other than to take care of their political agendas or for their parties they are a member of. It should be one term, one term only. Time to move on. We need to start thinning out the political machine. And that goes for judges; one term and one term out. We have too many people making careers out of politics. Something that our founding fathers never designed this country to do.

Do-nothing newspaper

Last weekend we had a fight on Fifth Street. Twenty-five people involved, one stabbed. Why isn’t there news about this? It’s been five days, do we have to wait for someone to die before you read it in the paper again? One dragged, one stabbed in the head. Where’s the reporters? Where’s the editor? Someone’s not doing their job. You want to sell papers? Report. Joe’s take: Say, caller, we reported on this the day that it happened and we did follows ups, including the arrests. Since the arrests, we’ve been contacting the Shamokin police every day for new information to report (there hasn’t been any, yet). If we’re not doing our job, where did you get your news on this crime?

Fox report

If Mueller’s report cleared Trump, it would have been released yesterday and read on Fox News every 30 minutes.

Who voted for it?

Hey Frog, I was wondering if there was any way I could find out which school board members voted to bring Jim Zack back for $148,000, because they’re not getting my vote this time. Taxes are too high. Editor: Absolutely, though Zack is currently hired at $117,000 per year. When the board voted to extend Zack’s contract to June 30, it passed with a 6-3 vote. Approving the extension were Jeff Kashner, Robert Getchey, Brian Persing, Charles Shuey, Edward Griffiths and Melissa Hovenstine. Voting against it were Steve Cook, Erik Anderson and Laura Scandle.

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