Good news first

Enough already with the front page news on the Catholic priests terrible situation. Please use the space to find some positive local news.

Parking pool

The city still needs to do something about the Spurzime Street junkyard. Gilly’s junk is now taking up the street parking for the pool. You cannot call this place a repair service. He is never there repairing anything and I think it is time they started enforcing the ordinance.

Pointing fingers

A question for the Attorney General: What about sports, coaches, Boy Scout leaders, psychologists, public school teachers, etc.? Anyone who knows anything about sexual abuse of minors knows that it is not a single group. Will the Attorney General have the courage to go further and change the laws that you can’t sue the schools?

Feel the same way

Worse than the crimes of the priests are the acts of the bishops protecting them, lying for them and moving them around. I can never, ever confess to a priest again. I can never, ever respect any degree of the clergy of the Catholic Church going right up to the pope, and I know a lot of other people who feel the same way.

Go further

I hope Attorney General Josh Shapiro doesn’t stop his investigation at just the Catholic Church. All denominations should be investigated. Many others are not as innocent as they would have you believe.

Drawing flies

A valid point was called into Sound Off, saying that marriage is not going to prevent pedophiles — look at Jerry Sandusky. My take on it is this: If you have an organization that mandates that you give up the sacrament of marriage or have nothing to do with women from your late teenage years on, what kind of people are you going to attract in the majority?

Mob rules

Unlike the American mafia, the Russian mafia is a branch of the KGB. Information is emerging that Trump has been laundering KGB money since the early 1980s. If someone should have his top clearance pulled, perhaps it is the president.


Never before have we had a president who turned on his own citizens. His petulant acts of retribution and abuse of power indicate he is cornered and knows Mueller has the goods.

Faith no more

The Catholic clergy sex abuse scandal coming to light recently is really nothing new. Abuse of power, as well as sexual abuse by church officials and clerics, have been going on long before 1940, and for many centuries all over the world. The difference is that today the church can be held responsible for such abuse by secular authorities. Centuries ago, the church was answerable to no one, having had absolute power and sovereignty. Thank God that is no longer the case.

Go away

Please Vinny, just go away and don’t think about running for commissioner again. You screwed the county up already. Don’t do any more damage.

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