Sore loser

It was great seeing the Philadelphia Eagles lose. It was like a dying man in the desert. So close to that goblet of ice cold water, but just couldn’t get it. Philadelphia is nothing but a city that houses scum of the scum. I am a satisfied Dallas Cowboy fan.

Not so sweet relief

I just got done reading about the molasses tragedy in Boston. At first, when I read it, I thought, what? I never recall hearing this. It was really interesting to read, but my goodness, what a horrible death.

Federal case

I would like to tell all these federal workers who are working without being paid to stop your whining. You have the cushy federal jobs with all these benefits. You are overpaid. You should work a while for no pay to give back the money for when you actually get paid. Editor’s take: No matter that circumstances, to work and not be paid isn’t right.

Narrative change

CNN asked a San Diego news agency to do a report on the border wall but canceled it because it reported the border wall works. Jim Acosta does a report on border security but does it where there is a wall. How stupid was that? No wonder people are skeptical of the news. When it doesn’t fit their narrative they don’t report it.

Cattle car

It was recently asked here what the true purpose of Real ID is. Well, you know those yellow number tags punched into a cow’s ear? That is what the “Real ID” is. Because the cows are numbered, you are suddenly supposed to know which cow has terrorist tendencies or something. The brochure mentions “sleeper cells,” too. I was so afraid that I bought 1,000, and I don’t even own a cow.

Thank Wolf

The assistance office does not designate the rules for benefits. You can thank Tom Wolf for the veto on a bill requiring able-bodied adults to find work while receiving benefits. Yes, he vetoed this bill before last year’s election.

Pack your bags

Two law enforcement officials reported there are emails, texts and witness statements that prove that Donald Trump directed his lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about his Moscow Trump Tower real estate deal. This is suborning perjury, witness tampering and obstruction of justice. These are the exact same crimes for which Nixon was impeached. Pack your bags, Donald; your time in the White House will soon be over.

Take care

In the same Sound Off column one writer is complaining about those who do not work and another wanting everyone to be fired. It is so sad that people’s livelihoods are diminished and trivialized. The caller needs to investigate what “non-essential” means. Currently, there are those who clean, cook, take care of state parks and perform clerical duties and perform hundreds of other jobs. We should take care of those who take care of us.

Take a dive

I’m reading in the paper about the diving coach may still have a job. He ain’t allowed on the grounds and you are saying he still may have a job there? Are you kidding me?

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I hope the County Jail don't have 1/2 the problems that SCI-Coal Twp had with this hire ….. He will be a GIANT problem …..

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