Stranger things

How can building a wall can be considered a national emergency but Flint, Michigan, still doesn’t have clean water three years later?

You people

I can’t believe all you people who swear by Trump. He is the best at this and he knows more than the generals? You need to start reading something and understand what is going on in this world. You are losing everything and you don’t care.

Cherry picker

Trump states he has the power, by declaring a “national emergency,” to bypass Congress and appropriate revenue for construction and acquire property by eminent domain. Apparently, he feels Article 1, Sec. 7, 8 in the Constitution, regarding congressional power to raise and borrow money, and Article IV of the Bill of Rights, regarding search and seizure, do not apply to him or this administration. If he is allowed to take this action and build the “Great Wall of Trump,” we are no longer a republic.

Benedict Trump

It has been determined that there are reports of 101 known contacts between Trump campaign associates and Russian-linked operatives; this includes at least 28 meetings. The Trump campaign tried to cover up all of them. There is no longer any question that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia. If it is proven that Trump was aware of this collusion, it is bye, bye, Benedict Donald.

In ID we trust

I sent the following email to Sens. Casey and Toomey: “Besides another source of revenue for our government, what is the exact purpose of REAL ID?” Of course, I haven’t received a reply. Perhaps it’s because I answered my own question. We have driver’s licenses, ID cards for those without a driver’s license, passports, birth certificates, etc. Google’s definition is: The purpose of REAL ID is to make our identity documents more consistent and secure. How’s that for an answer from our brain trusts in Washington?

Bad causes

Question? Why do Republicans always have money for walls, wars and prisons, but never for health care, veterans and education?


Once you accept that Trump is not on America’s side, everything he’s doing makes perfectly good sense.

Lyin’ Donald

Who’s gonna pay for the wall? Mexico. Another Trump lie. Another Trump exaggeration. He’s crazy.


Comrade Pinocchio got himself involved so deeply with the Russians with his personal financing and money laundering that he became their pawn.

The answer is nigh

If anyone wonders if Trump is doing the right thing, just watch C-Span on your phone or computer, type in C-Span the wall, and you’ll find the answer.

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