‘Cover-up’ Barr

Trump’s Attorney General, William “cover-up” Barr is working as the defense lawyer of a criminal president and not the chief law enforcement officer of the United States. Barr, under oath, stated his belief that Trump could shut down an independent investigation if the President felt he was unjustly accused, basically saying the president is above the law. Barr’s dangerous belief negates the checks and balances of executive power legislated in our Constitution. Barr took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, not to protect Donald Trump. Barr should resign or be impeached.

City chicken

Are farm animals, like chickens, allowed to be raised in the city of Shamokin? I tried searching the zoning ordinances, but I couldn’t locate anything pertaining to farm animals within city limits.

Like the Philharmonic

Kudos to Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Styer. Thank you for bringing a touch of class to Shamokin Area High School. The performance of the symphonic band was absolutely wonderful. I felt like I was at the Philharmonic. More people should take advantage and attend these performances. They’re missing out on a wonderful show.

It’s all Spygate

The biggest presidential liar and lie is Obama, saying that his administration was scandal free. Wait until Spygate hits the fan.

Comey confusion

I’m confused. The Democrats wanted to crucify Comey after he revisited the Clinton scandal, then once Trump fired him, he was the Holy Trinity.

Fix the cemetery flag

Our family is visiting from North Carolina. We’re standing here in the Shamokin Cemetery at the Soldiers’ Circle. We wanted to let you know the flag is tattered so bad, it is really in bad shape. The cemetery also needs to be mowed before Memorial Day — it’s coming up soon. Thank you for taking care of it, but get a new flag!

We’re not safe

If more guns and fewer gun laws makes us safer, we would be the safest country on Earth. However, we have 30,000 gun deaths every year.

Donkey protest

After the Mueller Report and Barr hearing, the donkeys are protesting. They don’t want to be the emblem of the Democratic Party anymore. Their standards are much, much higher.

Not guilty

After two years, $40 million, 70 FBI agents, 18 Clinton donor lawyers, the DOJ, 1,200 interviews and 500 search warrants — there is still no collusion and Trump is still innocent.

Good numbers

To the Trump bashers out there: I don’t know if you’ve been watching the news, but more than 250,000 new jobs have been added to industry and unemployment has dropped to 3.6%, the lowest in almost 50 years. What’s he doing for this country? Great things, I surmise.

Kids for climate change

Kudos to the kids all over the world who march every Friday to pressure leaders to tackle climate change. They know their futures are in peril.

Trashy habits

I live in Elysburg. I was just out picking up trash in front of my home. Please dispose of your trash properly. How would you like it if someone threw out trash in front of your home?

Drain the swamp

What exactly did the Bucknell students do in Mount Carmel and at the library? I didn’t see them do anything.

Shamokin restaurants

To all Shamokin restaurants: You need to take a lesson from Bloomsburg and Lewisburg on how to treat customers and how to make food and how to keep your restaurants clean. You’re pitiful around here and you’re putting bad, bad people at the windows and taking orders on the phone. Get with it, Shamokin restaurants.

Misunderstanding justice

Some person, who in my opinion is a bonehead, said the Mueller Report indicated that it could not prove Trump’s innocence. Alright? When you are charged, you don’t have to prove your innocence. You are innocent until proven guilty. Whoever phoned that in, I don’t know where you got your law degree, but man, oh, man, that guy has the intelligence of a rock. Understand that, bonehead?

Russia backed Hillary

Why do Democrats insist that Russia interfered with the election to help Trump win when the Russians provided info to the DNC on Trump, then used it to have Democrats and DOJ induce spying on the Trump campaign? Anyone have an answer?

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I think we all got this wrong about the Busknell students. I was under the impression that they would go out and personally help the community. Not so. These are paid for positions. I also think housing is provided. They are gathering data in our area to meet the requirements of their field of study. They are writing papers about what is wrong with our area and how to possibly fix it. I think that is what they do.

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