Wiener gorging

The article in today’s paper about Nathan’s Famous annual July Fourth hot dog eating contest made me sad to think someone gorged himself with 71 hot dogs and buns. Whoever thought this contest was a good idea? The food could have been donated to a homeless shelter or to one of the organizations feeding the hungry. I will never ever again buy a Nathan’s Hot Dog. Joe’s take: Maybe it looks ridiculous, and quite wasteful, but Nathan’s does contribute to food banks, and I’m sure they have many more hot dogs to spare for its world-famous contest. So don’t be sad.

Merge the schools

I was actually the first to call in about the MCA/Shamokin merger and I’m from Mount Carmel. I was a three-sport athlete at Mount Carmel, and yes, I’m for the merger, along with many others from MCA who I’ve spoken to. The details will have to be worked out by administrators and board members who don’t have kids or grandkids in school. The only people who I know that are opposed are the ones that mention the possibility of kids losing playing time in sports to Shamokin kids. What do you think happens in 5A or 6A schools? Perhaps an independent review and financial feasibility study conducted by a panel of professionals not from Pennsylvania.

No more tax cuts

Trump and the Republicans are proposing more tax cuts. That will only increase the national debt, which is at a record level. Previous tax cuts have not paid for themselves. Whatever happened to the promise that every family was going to get $4,000 from those corporate tax cuts? Fact: 95.4% of Americans didn’t receive a dime.

Paying for greatness

Trump pretends to be smarter than anyone — judges, scientists, diplomats and many others, including past presidents. He ignores or distorts facts and then has his followers arrogantly bragging how great he is. In the years ahead, we will pay for this irresponsibility. Many Americans do not necessarily hate him. They are disgusted with him and his actions.

How ironic

Oh, the irony! While continuing to keep people in cages, Trump stands in front of Lincoln on the Fourth of July, where his words are immortalized, “With malice toward none, and charity for all.”

Tall grass

I think the Coal Township code officer should take a ride up on Route 61 and look where the fish market used to be. The grass is three-foot tall, and I’m not exaggerating. I can’t see how he don’t see this when he passes, or doesn’t he look for problems?

Communist Dems

You know they talk about Trump doing this and Trump doing that, we’ll I’ll tell you something right now, I’m a Democrat, but I’ll tell ya’ what, the Democrats are acting just like communists.

Work I shirk

I just saw that the country added 224,000 new jobs. Why would I want to work? I can sleep till noon, I get my food stamps, I get a phone and I get housing. What else do I need?

Only in America

Colin Kapernick, abandoned by his birth parents, adopted by a wealthy white family; his dad was a corporation vice president. Live in community that was 98% white, went to a college that was 79% white and Latino, made millions in the NFL and he finally decided it’s not about police brutality, it’s about America and the American flag. Only in America could this act of disgust and shame still be protected. Try it in North Korea, China or communist Russia.

Border problem

Pelosi and Shirmer want open borders, thousands have entered and the system is overrun by the amount of people. The so-called cages and the buildings were built many years before Trump was president. The Democrats could fix the problem, but prefer to use the system to complain and blame Trump because they hate him. We needed elected people in office to solve the problem, not add to it. If you have no more room in the inn, do what is right for your country, not your party. Solve the problem you were elected to do.

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