Thanks, Shamokin

I would like to thank the Shamokin mayor and our city council for recognizing and congratulating the graduates from both Shamokin Area and Lourdes Regional for their scholastic accomplishments. I wonder why the Coal Township commissioners choose to ignore this, considering the schools are located in Coal Township. This also applies to athletic accomplishments.

Bring in the lawyers

Just read in the paper about the council saying about eminent domain. This council really believes they can do whatever they want? I can’t wait to see the federal lawsuits coming in when they start pulling this crap.

Traffic jam

If they’re going to close Route 54 in Riverside to work on the railroad tracks, they should have police officers directing traffic into Catawissa and Bloomsburg. I left Bloomsburg at 3:30 and it took me an hour and 25 minutes to get home. Traffic was bumper-to-bumper all along the river going into Catawissa. The red light in Catawissa has everything backlogged. It’s horrible.

Get real

Kenn Splitt needs a strong dose of reality. Right next to his story was an article about Pennsylvania raising the minimum wage because they don’t have a budget crisis. That’s not because of Gov. Wolf, it’s because of President Trump. You can’t turn on TV, read the paper or drive down the road without seeing hiring signs. When business is good and people are working, the state collects taxes. Now they’re looking at ways to spend the money. Here’s a novel idea: Give it back. Trump may not act presidential, he just does good things for the country. Who needs acting?


This is in regard to “Leave a message,” regarding the Coal Township code enforcement officer. Just call the chief of police, he’ll assign a police officer to do a code officer’s job. Now what sense does that make? Come on commissioners. Make the guy work.

Welcome to Mount Carmel

For the first time, Mount Carmel has a Habitat for Humanity home. I just wanted to say welcome to this new family. I hope you like it here.

Off the rails

I just read Mr. Splitt’s letter to the editor on Friday. Mr. Splitt, after reading it, I have to say you repeat yourself, showing you’re so far off the rails it’s not even funny. In it, you say, “Republican acts of political confusion and crookedness.” Look back at the eight years of the last Democratic administration. What legislation has the Democratic House done in the last two years? You also said, “What would happen if we had a Democrat in the Oval Office who abandoned long-term trade agreements?” I think it’s about time these were changed. President Trump is doing this for the benefit of our country, but obviously, and once again, you’re so far off the rails, you can’t see it.

Why so secret?

What is the justification for any school board or municipal government not releasing open and uncensored information to the public whenever the sudden resignation or termination of an employee, be it voluntary or otherwise, occurs under mysterious circumstances? The rubber stamp answer about it being “a personnel matter” is nonsense and only fuels suspicion of impropriety. Why the secrecy?

Hotel sites

May I make the suggestion that they build the hotel on the site of the former Fun Shop and the parking lot next to it or even the Garfield school yard. Natalie is too far out of town. Also there is property at the former Big N or at the Lancaster Switch. How about the old post office on Sunbury Street and the gas station next to it being torn down and it being placed there? Certainly you’ll want it close to walking distance so that it revitalizes the city. Walnut Towers is also an excellent site since the parking lots are close by.

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