College COVID

It does not take a medical expert to figure this out but someone with common sense. Colleges and universities nationwide are opening and having COVID outbreaks. Look at the outbreak disaster with cruise ships early in this pandemic. Colleges are in a similar situation when you look at dining, housing, activities and even parties. Elementary and high schools are much more controlled. Even some medical experts think college in-person instruction is not advisable. Yes, college kids have a good survival rate but you don’t want them unknowingly threatening the life of a vulnerable person or community member.

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To payroll tax :: EXACTLY !!!!!!


To Bat Blind :: And you are as DUMB as a BOX OF ROCKS !!!


To Susan : You truly live in an alternate universe ! 170 thousand people DEAD!! What don't you understand , that this is not like any other flu?? You are a moron just like your leader TRUMP !

Susan A Yucha

So now every Virus that comes onto the scene will now demand the closing down of our country? This COVID 19 virus has caused immeasurable burdens on all of us and is no worse in fact less fatal than all the other viruses that have preceded it. The supposed "CURE" is killing the Patient as the saying goes and if we do not stop the FEAR mongering and use common sense and return to work and school , we might lose our Republic and way of life.

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