Alive and picking

Nepotism, alive and well in Shamokin, Pennsylvania. Surprise, surprise!

Mayor’s wife

Absolutely blows my mind that a community would vote the mayor’s wife, as a possible position for city council. We are funding, with taxpayer money, this family, and you people voted to have his wife put in for a possibility for council. No wonder the city’s the way it is. Hopefully, the state comes in and ends this nonsense.

Morning in America

Who would want the government to go back the old, sneaky, backroom deals? Put another politician in and that’s what we’ll get. I love the daylight in this administration and President Trump clues us in on everything that’s going on. Trump 2020!

Flag display

Thanks to the Shamokin Walmart store for a wonderful display of flags as you’re entering the store on the left-hand side. Check it out.

Animal farm

You know people complaining, complaining, complaining about cats and dogs running the streets. Well, come up to Academy Hill and now we even have roosters clucking. I wanna know what the code is for having farm animals. Maybe I’ll get a sheep!

$200 charge

I’d like to know why AREA Ambulance is charging $200 in a wheelchair van to get you an appointment at Geisinger Hospital in Danville?

What a concert

Wow! What a concert and sight, Friday evening. Shamokin has some great things going on. If you weren’t there, you missed a truly spectacular night. Thanks to all band members and the Styers.

Political no-no

I was disappointed to see the photo of firemen with their fire truck in the newspaper ad with political candidates. Volunteer fire companies solicit donations from citizens from of all political parties. They receive funding from taxes paid by Republicans, Democrats and independents. Volunteer fire companies should not be political. A volunteer fire company should never allow their photo to be used in a political ad.

Conflicting liars

Numerous senior Obama officials, under oath, have conflicting stories, which means numerous Obama officials are liars.

Calm down, Dems

This is for the Democrats: Calm down or, better yet, go away. I attended the Trump rally in Montoursville. Thousands waited in line, more than 10 hours, in the blazing sun, just to hear him speak. He won’t be impeached, and he’ll be re-elected in 2020.

From womb to tomb

In response to Monday’s paper “The rapist’s kid,” no one will be willing to pay for someone else’s child, but the baby can be put up for adoption. Life is from conception until death, no matter the circumstance, you don’t have a right to end the life. And these doctor’s who perform abortion should be charged with murder. I hope all the states follow Alabama.

Reverse protocol

I understand the security officer at Mount Carmel School District was called the n-word by a person of color. What is the protocol now?

Half and half

Did you ever hear the old saying about the glass of water? Is it half full or half empty? Well, Nancy Pelosi’s brain could be compared to that: Half of it is anti-America and half of it just plain empty.

Convenient gouging

Summer’s coming in, Knoebels is gonna open up for the summer, the students will be coming in shortly, and guess what, the convenience stores are raising their price of gas. It’s called “gouging.”

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From womb to tomb - you have adopted and fostered how many unwanted children????


Morning in America, Conflicting liars, Calm down, Dems - Well I see Jim Jones was one cooler of kool-aid short...

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