Choose one

Would you prefer to live among illegal immigrants who work hard in many jobs Americans do not want, are family oriented, peaceful and God-loving people, or would you prefer to live under the authority of a dictator who condemns opposition, desires to control the news media, insults allies, lies and disrespects people? I’m quite sure you would select the true “American” lifestyle we have enjoyed and hope it is not changed under the current Trump leadership. Assistant editor’s take: Dictator? Hmm? I guess there goes the 2020 election.

$64,000 question

A Republican-appointed judge ruled that Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, lied to authorities about meeting with a Russian intelligence asset, a meeting that was held in a building owned by Jarod Kushner. Several close Trump associates are being prosecuted for lying about their contacts with Russian assets. The big question is, why did so many of Trump’s senior staff risk criminal prosecution by lying about their Russian connections?


I read in Sound off where, most likely, a union worker said there are no union workers at the building site for the new Aldi’s grocery store. Union workers are overpaid crybabies. Editor’s take: Wow. That’s quite the stereotyping. Maybe you could check in with a few of the union guys and gals toiling away at the local state or federal prisons, see if they fit your description.

Pass the buck

This is in regard to home rule in Shamokin. Home Rule is nothing but an act by the present City Council to pass the buck on to others to make the proper decisions that they were elected to do for the betterment of the City of Shamokin. Editor’s take: You can argue for or against Home Rule, but to not address it — that would be passing the buck.


I read today that a bench will be placed to honor hall of famer Stanley Coveleski next to his monument on Market Street that has been there for many, many years. Where have you people been for so long? Is it because a local company has already placed a bench there to honor one of their long-time employees? Frog’s take: For the record, the Coveleski monument has been moved from Market Street to Lincoln Street.

Empty pockets

American is now $22 trillion in the hole. Uncle Sam’s pockets are empty. They have been empty for some time. If you think global warming is a problem, don’t worry about it. Our debt is going to bring us down long before global warming does.

Chain of command

President John F. Kennedy said: “The Constitution makes us not rivals for power but partners for progress.” Trump doesn’t understand this chain of government. He wants to rule as a dictator, not as a partner. That is not good for our country.

Curb your dog

We frequently walk our dog at the Kulpmont dog park. Now that the snow is melting you can see the evidence of lazy dog owners everywhere.. The dog park is beautiful and, as a resident of Kulpmont and a pet owner, I am very grateful to have it. They even provide bags and receptacles to dispose of your dog’s waste. How much easier does it get?

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Hmm, the word “ DICTATOR” is used in two of today’s comments. Is a pattern of agreement forming that Trump is a Russian asset and should be removed from office along with the Republican congressmen who continue to aid and abett his actions?

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