In regards to the Reich situation at Lourdes: In my own humble opinion it sounds like a case of a spoiled teacher. She knew what the terms of her contract were and that she was teaching in a Catholic school and she should have understood them from day one. A Catholic school will uphold the tenants of the Catholic church.

Ignore the haters

For all the people complaining about the ATVs coming into town on designated days — I think it’s a good thing. It not only promotes the AOAA but it promotes the City of Shamokin. It helps Shamokin’s businesses and it helps the town come alive if only for one day. As far as I’m concerned, please keep it up. Does anyone remember in the 1950s or 60s, when Shamokin was the cruise center of Pennsylvania? I miss those days. Build a hotel, let the ATVs in on specific days and under controlled conditions and I think it will continue to promote our city.

They all do it

A Sound Off caller said Donald Trump wears makeup. Yes, he does. So does every actor, commentator and news person on TV. Dyes his hair? So what? What does that have to do with his proficiency as president? Won’t release his tax returns? He will release them when every Democratic representative and senator releases theirs. So what does that have to do with Trump as president? Absolutely nothing. He’s doing a great job.

Not every day

Please know, I live by Anthracite Street and for six hours I listen to the roar of four-wheelers. But for two times a year, we can suck it up for the merchants. When I opened the paper and saw they want it every day, I almost fell over. What other community would even consider it? Poor Shamokin, it just keeps getting worse. And for those who are for it: I’m sure they are far from the trail.

Semper Fi, neighbor

According to the Coal Township Street Department, I live on a street that isn’t a main street, but when I have to see a 70-year-old Marine sweeping the streets in front of his house and my house — I’m handicapped — something is wrong here. Semper Fi, buddy.

Double standard

Once again I see the Catholic hypocrites are at work. They can switch priests from parish to parish who had raped kids but a poor girl who didn’t want to marry right away to have a baby and they throw her out in the street? Bunch of hypocrites.

It’s contractual

The fired teacher was under contract. No matter where you work, if you breach the contract you will be fired. Lourdes has been very generous extending her benefits until after the baby is born. Also, why doesn’t the boyfriend want to marry the mother of his child?

Not so special

I have a suggestion for the Lourdes teacher. First, get certified. Then, get a teaching job with a contract you like. Then hire a babysitter and you’ll be just like the rest of us — not special.

A cry for help

The Fetterman/Zalar letter to the editor was a joke and a cry for help and anyone with half a brain knows it. That salary is being paid by all residents of Northumberland County, not just one town. Fetterman/Zalar, if the fee you want the county taxpayers to put out is accurate, you have no worries, if not, then Houston we have a problem.

Not like it used to be

I recently was visiting my neighborhood in my old neck of the woods. I haven’t been to Shamokin in 30 years and my homestead was on Bear Valley Avenue. Well, what a disgrace to the city. The house that I used to live in was a bar after we moved out and it looks like a junkyard. Get on the ball, city, this place was nice when I was a kid.

Dog’s a menace!

This is in reference to Saturday’s Sound Off about the German shepherd on Scott Street in Kulpmont. I’m not sure if it’s the same dog, but we live by it in the 1200 block, and it is a menace. It gets out all the time on purpose and by accident and it never stops barking. It should be dealt with by officials.

Any other options?

If you live in this area and you have to be put into a hospital, I guarantee you it will be owned by Geisinger. Isn’t that considered a monopoly, which is illegal?

Wrong number

This is in reference to whoever called in about the potholes in the Coal Township shopping center: Whoever called in must be in the fog because there’s a big sign there saying the 1-800 number to call if you have any problems. Next time you go there, call the number and quit crying to Sound Off.

Athletic scholarships

While they’re investigating the elite getting their kids into colleges through bribery, I hope they investigate all college athletes, some of whom aren’t smart enough to tie their own shoes, but they’re accepted into colleges. And they pass these exams. Who is taking the exams for these kids? But then again, where would march madness or all these bowl games be without these flying scholars?

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