Conservative values

Long before this pandemic, American conservatives have fought government social programs based on a simple belief that if misfortune comes to your life you probably deserve it. You must have set up your life in such a way that misfortune came to you. Maybe you made bad choices or maybe you are a sinner. Now many of these conservatives are faced with misfortune and are looking to the government for help. Conservatives will take the government help because they need it, but they will continue with their belief that no one else deserves a government handout.

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Susan A Yucha

So sad that during a Pandemic American's in different Party's cannot put aside their political vitriol and work together for the safety of ALL American's suffering from the disease or being unable to support their families because of the shutdown imposed to fight the Virus


I am not from a different Party , if you are referring to me.


To Conservative values :: truer words were never spoken !!

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