Required reading

Greg Maresca’s column the past two weeks on what is going on in the Catholic Church should be required reading by all Catholics.

Rotten to the core

The Pope indicated that the faithful should remain silent and pray for the priests in the face of the child abuse. Is he kidding or has he lost his mind? That’s exactly what started this whole vile mess in the first place. Just remember for evil to triumph, good men doing nothing. I’ve lost my faith in this Pope.

Not sleeping well

Apparently, Karl Kort only watches Fox News because he does not know what is really happening in the world. Trump’s negotiation with North Korea was just another Trump publicity stunt; it accomplished nothing. After this meeting, Trump lied, as usual; he told America we can now sleep well because North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat. I will not be sleeping well until Trump is removed from office.

Don’t drive angry

Frog, how about a change of pace from politics and pedophile priests to driver pet peeves: Drivers who throw their cigarette butts out the window, drivers who cut their left turn so sharp they’re in the other lane, and drivers who display their handicap placards while driving (it clearly states “not to be displayed while driving.”) Frog’s take: People who drive slow in the passing lane and people who double park on Walnut Street in Coal Township near an empty parking spot should be hung, drawn and quartered.

Would be trashed

In response to the inquiry about the Silver Bowl bathrooms being locked during the week, if the bathrooms were open during the week, all the non-working, welfare-getting, drug-taking scum would be using them to shoot up in, have sex and leave their trash behind.

Historic action

On Labor Day weekend, Trump declared he has taken historic action to advance the American worker. Trump’s tax cut benefited the rich and blows up the budget deficit; it does little for workers. Statistics from Trump’s own Labor Department show that real hourly wages overall dropped in the last year. It doesn’t matter that unemployment is 3.9 percent if your wages are low, you don’t have health care and don’t earn enough to pay your bills.

I’ll be back

Get ready. Our man, Vinny, is coming back.

Disgusting Clintons

As I was watching the services for Aretha Franklin everybody was talking about how great she was, and the all of the sudden Bill Clinton comes up and all he is talking about is himself and his wife, the president and the secretary of state. Those people, the Clintons, are disgusting.

Heavy necklace

For all those who abuse little children, Jesus has a message for you found in Matthew Chapter 18. Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he would drown in the depths of the sea.

Be a hospital

I would like to know when hospitals are going to start being hospitals again instead of being a business.

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