Flop house parking

I totally agree with the caller on the street parked full of cars. This is a three-family household with up to 10 cars parked out front. No, it’s not a car lot, it’s a flop house. No one works here, they break the law, but the cops look the other way. So why bother trying to be a good neighbor or being a sovereign citizen? It gets you nowhere.

Town park

In regard to the two-hour parking in Mount Carmel: Somebody needs to check that guy out, because you get tickets before the two hours are up. He doesn’t even know that if you stop on one street and go on the other, it counts for another two hours. He also asks people if you see them, “How long you gonna park there?” It’s ridiculous.

Seventh Street dump

I’m calling about North Seventh Street in Shamokin. It looks like a dump up here. There’s garbage all around, it stinks, there’s weeds across the street that should be kept down. Where is the code officer if he’s not doing his job to make the street look better? It is like a dump up here. I would like something done about it, if possible.

Beauty parlor parking

This is in response to the meters in Mount Carmel. I realize there are no stores that you could shop in for two hours. However, there are beauty salons on Oak Street or nearby that you must park there to go into the salon. If your beautician is backed up or slow that day, you may have to be there longer than two hours, and it creates problems. While you’re there, you have to worry about not being there longer or they’re going to come around and you’re going to get the $25 ticket. And the other problem is, I didn’t appreciate it when I bought a brand-new vehicle and there was chalk marks all over my tires by someone chalking my tires for the time limit.

Who’s in charge?

This is in response to the Sound Off regarding the Kulpmont Police Blotter. The caller is as delusional as Kulpmont’s mayor, who’s in charge of police. Turn to the Police Blotter on Page 2 of today’s paper. Fifteen arrests, zero in Kulpmont. This is not an abnormality, but a regularity, since one Kulpmont police officer left for Mount Carmel.

Sit down job

If you think you can run a prison the way they’re hiring people down here, you’ve got to hire an outside firm to see how many prisoners you have and to hire certain people. You have twice as many people as you need down here, right now. You can’t ask a warden does he need people. That warden only wants to sit down, he don’t want to work, or anybody else. Wake up.

Worst of worst

Yes, I lived under 13 presidents and this one now is the worst — the worst of the worst. And I’m glad that he was not president in 1941, because we would have lost the war. We would have been speaking German or Japanese, all of us.


At a local Turkey Hill, I was asked if I would like to donate to veterans. California gives free health care to illegals, and veterans’ organizations panhandle at Turkey Hill. How stupid can we get? Is there any money in foreign aid to veterans?

Pay your taxes

Everyone is speaking about being a citizen of this country, and everything else like that. Now here’s what goes with citizenship: Being a good, honest, law-abiding citizen, living by the Constitution of the United States and paying your taxes — personal and property.

One versus five

So the Kulpmont sewer authority is talking about changes. Well, how about his for a start. One-person households pay less than five people in the household for their sewer bill.

Ill-gotten gains

I think it’s quite amusing that members of the city council are posing in front of a parking meter, like it’s supposed to represent something great. I think they should learn from other communities that parking meters are not necessary and only illegally advertised income, which they’re not allowed to do. Plus, to pay two meter maids to do this job is a waste of money.

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