Lost ducky

Through the last week’s almost-flood, I found one of the duckies from the recent duck drop up in Shamokin down in the lower end of Tharptown. Number 484. I think it’s Trump’s fault that the ducky got away.

Violent movies

All this talk about blaming the shootings on Trump is ridiculous. I think Hollywood should take some of the blame. The Democrat movie stars are making these here machine gun movies. I would say half the movies are people flying with machine guns all over the place and these kids are seeing all that.

Donut break

I just read Sound Off and someone put about the street department riding around all day. Here’s one better for you. Go up to Dunkin’ Donuts at quarter to nine every morning. They go in, get goodies and coffees and then they go back to the warehouse until 10 or 10:15 every day. An hour break every day. I think Mr. Mayor should check into that. Maybe we need time clocks or something. Something’s not right.

Recycling center

I think an investigation should be done on the recycling center and Fetterman. Something stinks up there and it’s not the recyclable stuff.

No to consolidation

Consolidation of the fire bureau is not a good option. We never had this problem until a few years ago when certain people started playing politics and required all this training. In case you haven’t noticed, the same fire chiefs have been recycled every two years because no one can meet the training and requirements and has the time to take all the training. At one time, the fire chiefs were chosen in the city in company order every two years. This can no longer happen because of the training involved. This is only done after a few people who wanted to become “elite” and decided to change rules and regulations. Take a look at Shamokin and Coal Township. As an icon in the fire bureau, I was in there when they started changing these laws. It is also a known fact that if you want to be a fire chief, you must live within city limits. Even the cops don’t live within city limits. They did this to themselves when they went along with all these changes.

Leftist hate

I totally agree there has been an increase in hate crimes since the election of President Donald Trump. Racism and hatred all coming from the left wing. Just look at the news — it’s all hatred.

Recycling center

I was at the Coal Township Recycling Center and I understand they are changing it to the Fetterman Recycling Center. All the former employees who were there aren’t there anymore. I would like to know why.

Clean your drains

I read in the paper and in Sound Off people complaining about the drains blocked in front of their homes and why doesn’t the city clean them up? Too bad these people can’t walk out and clean their own drains — then their basement wouldn’t have flooded. All you have to do is be conscientious about your streets.


I am calling about someone who wants to get rid of old TVs and computers. Call PPL, they pick up refrigerators and give you a check for $35. They might take TVs and computers. Joe’s take: I think you’re right caller, they might take more than just refrigerators. I read the information on the website — the refrigerator has to be clean and running when they arrive. The only thing I’m wondering about is the amount of time between making the appointment and the collectors showing up. Has anyone used this service? What were your results?

Bans don’t work

Fact — the tighter the gun laws, the more violence. The criminals will always have guns. The violence in other countries is as great as the U.S., they just use many different weapons.


That article in the Shamokin paper about the Shamokin Cemetery is terrible. It’s unbelievable they want to put new medical offices in Shamokin, build a motel and everything and they can’t even keep the cemetery clean. That’s terrible. A lot of people in town have family buried up there. And what about the 99 steps? What’s wrong with city council? It’s their fault, too, for letting this go like this. It’s been going on for years.

Putting inmates to work

Calling about the cemetery. I wonder if it’s possible you could get in touch with the prison — the inmates do a wonderful job of cleaning up. Perhaps they could get them a few times throughout the summer to keep after it. They appreciate the time away and will make it look beautiful.


Looks like Trump found a way to silence Jeffrey Epstein.

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Silenced. The Clintons didn't take long to shut up Epstein and make it look like suicide!

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