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The Biden administration has repeatedly said that they will set the example with masks. It appears that Joe Biden, at some appearances such as when he laid the wreath on Veterans Day outside, is wearing another mask under the cloth mask, such as an N95 mask possibly. Our health care, grocery store workers and educators do not have widespread access to N95 masks. Is that setting a good example when essential workers cannot get access to N95 masks?

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To Set the Example......were you freaking out when Trump got the Covid care and treatments that no other American receives? Or are you freaking out when Trump sets the great example of not wearing a mask? I didn't think so.


of course not , he / she is a cult member!!


to Paranoia :: So true!!! LOL!


To Dumb and Dumber :: You are the Dumb one if you think Trump was good for our country!! The man lied to the American public on a daily basis, and did not do anything he said he would do , he was worse than a LOSER PRESIDENT!!! Your statement is just plain stupid , just like most of his cult followers !!!


to set the example :: Why don't you ask Trump that question , he is still the President, unfortunately , until Jan 20th!

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