Bad men

I am so sick of The News-Item protecting bad people in our country. You would think you would soon wise up just a little bit and think about the American people for a change.

Stock the shelves

Congratulations to the Salvation Army on their new location and beautiful interior. Let’s help stock that store and help them in their endeavors.

Matters not

It matters not what Trump says from a prepared speech on a teleprompter. What really matters is what he says and does when he is left to his own devices.

Carry me, caravan

I heard on the TV news that any of those people in the caravan coming north have smallpox and who knows what other diseases. When pour ancestors came over from Europe they had to go to get physical check-ups and go to the hospital or get sent back to their native country, and the Democrats want to have open borders? What is wrong with them?

Down and out

All these politicians are talking about helping the middle class. What about the people that are on disability and they can’t work and they can’t afford to pay their bills half the time and shutoff notices are given to them? What about them? Nobody has any heart?


Sound Off, five calls against President Trump and the Republicans so far. Most of these people calling in my assessment are soothsayers, fortune tellers, see-it-alls and know-it-alls. They know when Trump lies when he doesn’t lie, when he does this and when he does that. Also, they blame the Republicans for everything.


Is Trump a racist? Methinks he still is not. It was called in that he made some very nasty statements in regards to immigration. No, he did not. He spoke the truth. He said there are some, that is the key word, some MS13 gang members, ISIS, members and terrorists mixed in with them. That is the truth. I think he is doing a good job sending active military people to protect our borders.

The right way

I wonder how much the illegal immigrants that are in this country would love the U.S. if all their benefits were taken away? The benefits they receive were stolen from taxpayers. A large caravan would be heading south in numbers you couldn’t count. I have nothing against legal immigration. Do it the right way and you will be welcomed with open arms.

40 acres and a mule

I can’t wait until this voting crap is over. I am starting to wear out the mute button on my remote control. The slinging mud and this one is going do this and that one is going to do that. Wait until they get into office, it’s instant amnesia.

Slap on the wrist

I guess you can beat somebody and get a slap on the wrist. If I was the victim, I would be suing McElwee for everything he’s got.

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