You know, they put a tax on almost everything today. I don’t care what you do or where you go, you got to pay a tax, and we need money bad. Why don’t Trump put on like a $50 tax on a game on golf. Let the rich people pay for his wall. They golf all day long.

One percent

As people begin to file their income taxes, they more fully realize that the tax cut was really for the 1 percent.

No press

Sunday morning I read in the Mother Cabrini bulletin that there is to be a meeting at the church in Elysburg in the near future with the bishop discussing these things about these pedophile priests. However, they want no media coverage. You have to ask yourself: What do they have to hide?

Sold their souls

How can Christians continue support such an amoral man as Donald Trump? They have been brainwashed and are now serving a new master who cares nothing about the value of integrity and the rule of law. As members of the Trump cult, they back Trump’s abhorrent attacks on the free press, the cornerstone of our democracy. These so-called Christians have sold their soul to Trump.

Fantasy world

Trump rallies in El Paso to claim how a border wall/fence has made the city safer when in fact data proves that their community was safe before the fencing and, in fact, violent crimes increased after the construction of the barrier. But facts and reality mean nothing to Trump and his followers. If you want to immerse yourself in a fantasy world, pick up a good book, but stop supporting a habitual liar.

Timeouts needed

I see the “children” at the Kulpmont kindergarten still do not play well with others.


Republicans hear the words of their devout “Christian” leader state in his address: “Let us reaffirm a fundamental truth: All children, born and unborn, are made in the holy image of God.” He forgets about the children torn from their parents and denied refuge at the border. This is an example of his double-talk.


I wonder how many of the people screaming about “wealth redistribution” take the child credit, get a government pension, went to a public school, receive Medicaid, ag subsidies, business write-offs, etc., etc. I’ll bet most of them are perfectly OK with redistribution when it’s coming to them.

Sleight of hand

Nobody complained when their paychecks were $50 or so fatter each payday, because the “withholding rate” was adjusted downward for 2018. The “tax due” rate, however, remained unchanged, so at the end of the 2018 tax year, the taxpayer found out who his paycheck was fatter, even though he did not receive an actual raise from his/her employer. This is hardly the first time this sleight of hand has been enacted to boost taxpayer morale.

Late mail

I’d like to know who’s in charge of the post office in Kulpmont. When you get your mail at 4 in the afternoon, that’s a problem. Editor’s take: Maybe you’re getting the next day’s mail early.

Shutdown pay day

In reference to the possibility of another government shutdown, instead of the federal workers not being paid, pay them but not the senators or congressmen.

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This is in response to double talk. Trump didn't make the law. Obama did but he was too chicken to enforce it. You want to cry for somebody. Cry for the children that are not even given a chance at life. AKA Abortion.

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