The high court really dropped the ball this time. They need some medical training. Everyone knows an unborn child receives its nourishment from its mother. How many children are born to heroin-addicted mothers and will result in the child going into withdrawal symptoms?

Time to go

Mr. Varano, yes, for 20 years you have served on both council and the sewer authority. The only reason you want to stay on is to keep family in jobs. It’s time you got off this board.

Same old nothing

Daily I read all the complaints about President Trump in the paper and I’m very dismayed. Here we had the greatest president ever in President Obama who, 10 years ago, had a supermajority in the Senate and a majority in the House — and absolutely nothing got done with immigration. The same people are complaining about President Trump who could have solved the problem 10 years ago.

Something stinks

The change of the sewer authority meetings to the exact same time as the council meetings smells fishy. Maybe someone’s getting too close to exposing more of their unethical behavior. I’d like a response.

Be afraid

The most important member of the Trump administration, a stabilizing force for our unstable president, has quit. Gen. James Mattis resigned in protest of Trump’s Syria pullout, which will jeopardize the U.S. position in the Middle East and increase the power of Russia and Iran. Trump is increasingly isolated, irrational and erratic. Without generals Kelly and Mattis to keep Trump from starting a war, we should all be afraid, we should all be very afraid.

Wall shaming

Trump is simply taking a temper tantrum by shutting down the government unless he gets money for this unnecessary and ridiculous security wall. This is nothing more than extortion that is practiced by dictators, despots and demigods as an avenue to accomplish their goals. This despicable act hurts employees and all Americans. Perhaps Trump would force a resolution to the problem if he went on a personal hunger strike. He certainly could lose a few pounds.

2 and 1,300

Two children died trying to get into our country illegally. The Democrats blame President Trump; I blame the parents of the children. Thirteen hundred migrants died trying to get into Italy illegally. Where’s the cry from the Democrats for the 1,300?

Open (bar) meetings

Kulpmont is accused of throwing free parties for themselves. Now they can get a free load-on at their meeting.

Great Wall of Mexico

Trump’s border wall is a big waste of our, not Mexico’s, tax dollars. The vast majority of illegal immigrants come into this country through legal visas and then do not return home. The U.S. Border Patrol has said it needs high tech surveillance equipment, not a wall. Tunnels will be constructed under Trump’s big beautiful wall or they will climb over it. Also, what about the many illegals entering through Canada? Is Trump going to also build a 4,000-mile wall on the Canadian border? The border wall is just another one of Trump’s political con jobs.

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Something Stinks...……..foul sewer
smell like Lutz's 8:30 am meeting.


Open bar meetings...……..This is Bruno Varano and the Sobieski Club is not open on Tuesdays, but where the meeting will be held in the Social Hall is used for a voting poll 1st precinct twice a year also. No free bar party. Thanks


Time to go..…….This is Bruno Varano and I have no family working on the Municipal Authority. Never did...…..Thanks

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