What is happening to the Republican Party? People are not turncoats for switching party affiliation. They are changing because Democrats better represent their values. Apparently, people can no longer tolerate the actions of Trump, Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell. The mid-term elections indicated change is happening. If Trump shuts down the government again on Feb. 15 because he does not get his wall funding, there certainly will be more defectors.

Texas toasted

Boy, you’d think that Texas would have some more Democrats in Congress if it weren’t for all those illegals voting. It might even be a blue state.


A recent letter to the editor called the pro-life movement “dehumanizing to women.” It is frightening to think of what has happened throughout history to all entities which have been “dehumanized” such as Jews, blacks and fetuses. The remainder of the letter regarding exceptions for rape, the health of the mother and so on, I agree with.

Fractured fairy tales

The six Trump-appointed directors of the U.S. intelligence agency testimony exposed many of Trump’s lies. Those in charge of the nation’s security, who actually know the facts, directly contradicted Trump’s fairy tales, stating that North Korea is a nuclear threat; ISIS is not defeated; there is not a security crisis on the Mexico border; Iran continues to comply with the nuclear treaty; Russia continues to attack our elections; and climate change is real. When will the Trumpeters realize that our unstable president is a danger to this country?

Rush hour soul

Who do you sue if you are in an accident near Dunkin’ Donuts? What an attitude. Sue! Sue! Free money! The purpose of car insurance is to handle these situations — not for you to be concerned whom you should sue. You know what the situation is in that area, so avoid it, especially during rush hours.

Shape I’m in

Instead of worrying about Home Rule and trying to figure out ways to tax the people remaining in the city, the mayor and council should be focusing on other ways to make ends meet. Doubling the EIT and God knows what other tax they will be able to impose on us with Home Rule is not the answer. People are leaving the city now when they can and the council is pushing them out more. Tax, tax, tax is not the answer. Let the state take over if you can’t come up with answers. I’ve been hearing the city was in decent shape for five years in Act 47, now they have to double the EIT. What’s going on here?

If only

Per research, the Vatican wall was built in the 1600s, and people can readily get in — not totally surrounding. Oh, to have the border wall situation over with somehow. I live for the day.

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Rush hour soul--Everybody hates lawyers until they need one.

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