Great production from SAHS

I would like to compliment Shamokin Area High School for the wonderful play they presented last weekend. It was wonderful — broadway material — and everyone did a fantastic job for such a dark musical. They portrayed it so well it was like being on Broadway. Thanks again to all involved.

What’s up, school board?

Shamokin taxpayers are still waiting for the school board to do something on this PIAA situation. Are you going to sweep it under the rug? And let’s give a comment on how much money Shamokin Area is in debt on the kids’ breakfast.

What’s he hiding?

Three or four times Donald Trump was asked about the Mueller Report and whether or not it should be released. He said he doesn’t mind. He would like to see it himself. Now he’s saying that the American people are asking for too much. If he’s seen it already, then it sounds to me like he’s hiding something.

Job well done

Congratulations to Mr. Styer and the cast and crew of Les Mis for the wonderful job they did. The hard work they put in — the acting, setting, lighting — the whole thing was amazing. This is more of what we need in our paper — front page news of these kids in all of the schools doing shows and band and chorus and sports.

Not a good front

On the Democratic front: Obama’s aides used influence in the Jussie Smollett case, creepy Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, did a million-dollar deal with the Chinese government, and the Ukraine is now accusing Biden and his son of money laundering when he was the vice president.

Five deferments

I may have missed it, but I didn’t see the call in about Donald Trump having five military deferments. I think that’s pertinent news.

9-1-1 emergency

According to the article in the paper, $7.3 million was used to fix the county 9-1-1 system and it still doesn’t work. Mr. Shoch said he isn’t running because of the political climate. Well, if he spent $7.3 million on a 9-1-1 system and it isn’t working, maybe he should quit.

Housing issues

This is in regards to the stabbing on Fifth Street: If Shamokin and Coal Township would get rid of HUD, all of these people would be out of this town and we wouldn’t be in this predicament. All they have to do is get rid of HUD.

Fix it first

I see the commissioners want to buy a broken-down 9-1-1 system that we already have $10 million in and they want to put $3 million in it so we can turn around and spend another $10 million. Don’t you think they should fix the system that they put in to begin with? I think that would be the right thing to do.

Bunker Hill cinders

In reference to the cinders on the streets, especially in the Bunker Hill area: When will the City of Shamokin come and clean up the mess? When the big trucks go up to the former Schroyer building, it makes a dust storm and I think it’s not good for the city. It would be appreciated by all of the residents to clean this. Good job with the snow plowing this year, but now we need attention with the cinders.

Mines are gone

To all of you Trump supporters: Is Donald Trump going to open up the mines again?

A pretend world

Imagine being a Democrat and having to pretend James Comey is truthful, Hilary Clinton is a victim and Barack Obama is successful.

Only the best for the rest

The Obamacare law prevented insurance companies from putting a limit on the total amount of money that they will pay out for your medical expenses. People are not aware that if Trump and the Republicans abolish Obamacare, the insurance companies can restore theses medical insurance caps. This means that many Americans suffering from serious illnesses that are expensive to treat, like cancer, will be bankrupted or die if the cost of their treatment exceed the medical insurance payout limit. Trump’s and the Republicans’ message is clear: Good healthcare is only for the rich. If you cannot afford it, you can suffer and die. Joe’s take: If I remember Obama’s speech on ACA correctly, didn’t he say that we (i.e., poor Americans) wouldn’t be getting the same premium health insurance that the politicians (wealthy Americans) in Washington get? If that’s so, what did we get?

Miss lead

Your “Metal detectors” reprint from the Philly Enquirer cites, “Every town for gun safety has tracked at least 431 incidents of gunfire on school grounds in the past six years.” This statistic includes stray bullets and even cases where people have committed suicide in the parking lot after hours. It is a great example of a misleading anti-gun statistic, as they nearly all are. Please tell the Philly Inquirer to sell their disarmament propaganda somewhere else — rural PA will have none of it.

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