Re-election ploy

No one, except brainwashed Trump cult members, believes a single word Trump says about the coronavirus anymore. Everybody knows Trump has corrupted government and any new coronavirus treatments that he announces before election will be a big con to serve his own political interest. Trump will continue to lie, plot and manipulate, neglecting the national interest and the health and safety of Americans to get re-elected.

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President Trump did not say that about soldiers, he has always been on our military's side. You people really have a problem with hate. Grow up and stop spreading ridiculous lies.


LMAO, might wanna tell that to the media outlets around the world as they are the one's reporting it from several different sources...On a side note, enjoy your Kool-aid...


Uhhh, multiple sources have confirmed it was said. Have you quickly forgotten about his remarks about McCain and Gold Star families? Keep drinking that kool aid.


Yes he said that about McCain but he never said the things they are saying about the military. Look it up not on CNN or msnbc. The man's whole campaign is to make America great and the military is part of that. If you believe this you are very ignorant and that is what the democrats bank on. Uneducated people who believe a 100% made up story. Get a clue already and stop being lemmings.

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