Pathetic donkeys

Here we are celebrating the Fourth of July, our independence, our flag and our military that gave us our freedom. The left talking about politics, how pathetic. But I guess they have their responsibility to present the party emblem, being a jackass.

Nailed it

In your Sound Off, hijacking the Fourth? You said it, 100%. You hit the nail on the head.

Asylum seeker

As a mother of both sons and daughters, I would do anything to keep them safe. If the girls were at risk for rape and violence, and the boys were at risk from gangs, all while living in profound poverty, I would do anything to protect them. I would walk across the desert, seek asylum, and when it was granted I would work as hard as possible in a new country. Joe’s take: Do you think we can solve the problem of all these immigrants wanting to come into our country by taking over theirs? I mean, if their country is so bad, we can invade it and make it better, don’t you think? Look at what we did for Germany and Japan.

What a dump

Yeah, I’d like to know when the school kids or the church kids are going to clean up Independence Street? My God, I was through there today — what a mess, what a mess! I mean, your street department they empty the garbage containers, all the garbage laying around still lays in the street. I just kinda thought maybe they get out with a broom or maybe, you know, just pick some of it up. But I guess that’s a little bit like work. Beck’s take: Anyone can clean it up, even you.

Cotton ban?

Since the picking of cotton was the main reason that slavery took off in the South and was the incentive to keep slavery going, is Colin Kaepernick going give up wearing cotton? Is he going to demand that all cotton fabric be boycotted and banned? Just wondering.

No cop when needed

Yes, I agree with the caller about fireworks. I also think there are cars speeding all through Mount Carmel. I think that there’s cars with no inspections or current plates, and I think the town is getting to be a disgrace because of the police department. If they don’t want to do their job, have them quit and get a new one. We don’t have time, we never see the police officers on duty.

Who’s the boss?

Mayor, chief of police or city council: Who’s in charge of the police force? Mr. Weaver, three serious charges — DUI, discharging a gun and arresting a lady for cocaine that was innocent. What does he have to do? Shoot somebody before he gets suspended? Three strikes and you’re out in baseball; I guess as soon as he shoots somebody, he’ll get reprimanded. Come on, chief, get on the ball. Mayor, you were a cop, do something.

Please, no more

I do not know Colin Kapernick and, after reading “Only in America” in Sunday’s Sound Off, which detailed his privileged background, I now know, unequivocally, I do not want to know any more about him. I think he is an ignorant, spoiled, attention-seeking moron. Of course, that’s my opinion and you know what they say about opinions, don’t you? Opinions are like belly buttons — everyone’s got one.

Great prices at Aldi

The region is very lucky to have Aldi. Their prices, in my opinion, beat all of the comparable grocery options in our region. To the person who wrote online that they wish there was a bakery at Aldi: There is no national chain locally that makes from-scratch bake goods. They are either par baked or frozen and finished off at the store.

Doing his job

Secret diplomatic reports from the British ambassador to the United States to his bosses in London have been made public. British Ambassador Kim Darroch described President Trump as “inept, insecure and incompetent.” The ambassador was doing his job, providing his honest assessment of Trump. I think the ambassador also should have included in his reports that Trump is an immoral, serial lying con-man with no respect for the rule of law who has been compromised by the money of foreign governments. I expect most world leaders already know those facts.

Take care of our own

The financial burden the illegals are causing is money that could be better used right here in our local area to build an active business and industrial environment that creates good-paying jobs and make sorely needed infrastructure improvements to slowly decaying and dying towns like Mount Carmel and Shamokin.

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So Joe, it takes you 24 years to achieve a bachelors degree and you are now an expert on world history. Amazing. Maybe Iraq and Afghanistan are more contemporary events where the US invaded. That’s going real well, right? You sound like an idiot with your ill informed comments.

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