Rotten core

A brand new congresswoman from Michigan stood up at a rally and said “We’re gonna impeach the (expletive).” That is a direct quote. She has no other agenda than impeaching Trump, nothing to help her constituents, nothing to improve their lives.. just impeach Trump. This is the liberal left at its core. I will proudly vote for Trump in 2020.


In response to “Different strokes,” I’m confused as to what your point is. Are you saying since there is a wait for a green card, that immigrants shouldn’t apply? I also don’t understand the illegal immigrant excuse. If you’re here illegally, you’re obviously not worried about breaking our laws anyway, and obviously becoming a contributing citizen of our great country isn’t the top of your priorities. Please, wake up people! You cannot govern on emotions.

Propped up

Now our president is promoting Russian propaganda. At a cabinet meeting Wednesday, Trump praised Russia, stating they “were right” to invade Afghanistan in 1979 because terrorist were going into Russia. Totally false, Russia invaded Afghanistan to prop up its communist government, an action which was condemned by the U.S. and the world. Apparently, comrade Trump is repeating the Russia propaganda lines that Putin has whispered in his ear.

Pride and joy

This is Nick Bozza of Kulpmont. This is going out to the coward that said I was going to screw things up with the house decorations with some of my comments. I take great pride in everything I do and every organization I belong to. Why would I try to screw something up that I created? Think about it. I pray for you and hope that you find happiness.

Great job

I am from Kulpmont. I believe the Kulpmont100 is doing such a great job in the town. How could somebody say that group of guys are not doing such a good job? It is a shame. Shame on you.

By the rules

Mr. Bowers, how dare you blame other people for the mistakes that you have made. You blame others, but you are the one who is breaking the law. You are the one who didn’t get permission. Why aren’t you working with the city? They haven’t refused you. They have said you are not following the ordinances or the laws which are for the safety of everyone. Good luck, you are doing good work.

Positive place

Kulpmont100, along with the Kulpmont community, has become a very positive place to live. Please, Mayor Bozza, resign from Kulpmont100 after showing such arrogance to us over a beautiful home decorating contest. No bully needed.

Adult supervision

Boy, thank you Kulpmont Borough Council for appointing some supervision to the municipal board. Finally, somebody is going to be able to control those animals down there at the sewer plant and on the board.

Sowing seeds

To “Absurd,” the Lourdes teacher did know what she was getting into, but didn’t the abusing priests? How in any way did they feel abusing would be OK? The Catholic church stands for something, but many are wondering what. The priests should also reap what they sow.

Money matters

In the Catholic church, money must be paid to get a marriage annulled. How does money make things OK? It may not be a sin, but how does money change things?


Is there a wall around Obama’s house? We know there is a wall around the Vatican. Maybe a wall would keep pirates to our healthcare system out. The working class cannot support any more pirates.

New resolution

The Kulpmont-Marion Heights Sewer Authority needs to make a new resolution for the new year. Out with the old and in with the new. Let’s clean house and get some new responsible members in there.

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