Back to black

Did the Mount Carmel Borough ever go back and check on the houses that they spent $25,000 of taxpayers money on? They are right back to what they looked like before the rehab, and now they want to spend $50,000 on homes that will fall apart within the next couple of years because of freebies.

Winning team

Why do Democrats always push to eliminate the electoral college, allow illegals to vote, change the voting age to 16, eliminate voter ID laws and remove the citizen question from the census? Because it’s the only way they can win.

Keeping up with Kortney

I’d say about five years or so ago, I couldn’t stand the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and their crew. Now I’m madly in love with Kortney Kardashian. She’s the only one without a fake bump, fake lips. She’s a natural beauty. God, do I love that woman.

Snake food for thought

This is in reference to the woman walking around with the snake hanging on her neck and looking for kittens to feed it? What’s wrong? Doesn’t the Access Card pay for mice?

Star light

Hey Frog, I’m curious, I drove by the old mill in Kulpmont and noticed the iconic star that’s been there for more than 70 years is off the building. Inquiring minds want to know who took it, who authorized it being taken and where it is? They’re the three big questions the people of Kulpmont want to know. Put one of your news hawks on it immediately.

I am he

Who are you Joe? Where’s Frog? Joe’s take: I’m an assistant editor at The News-Item. Frog left the paper for another venture a few weeks ago.

Take care of your own

I am definitely not a Trump supporter, but I do agree with him cutting off foreign aid to the three Central American countries. I think he should push it further. I think foreign aid should be cut off to the majority of countries. Only provide foreign aid to our closest allies and with the money saved, provide universal health care to the American people. Help our own. Don’t help other countries before you help your own.

American immigrants

Just read the article on the brawl on Mulberry Street on Saturday and all I kept thinking is imported trash. This area is in its death throes, and this cancer that keeps spilling in will make sure it never recovers.

A dish best served warm

Everyone has had something happen to us in life that we don’t agree with. A majority of individuals then would take that event in life to propel themselves forward rather than suing someone for the “wrong.” Most people would focus on their family, friends and the people that such a thing may hurt (whether justified or not). Revenge never wins. Period.

God bless the AOAA

Thank God that the folks who have spent years working to make the AOAA a reality are capable of overlooking all the negativity on social media and in Sound Off. I’m not an out-of-towner nor am I an off-road enthusiast. I don’t own a Jeep, ATV or dirt bike. What I am is someone who is thrilled we have a local organization bringing business into our community instead of just lamenting about how great Shamokin used to be, while doing nothing to improve the current state of affairs. Can’t wait to see what great things the AOAA does next!

Wag of the finger

Mueller’s investigation produced 37 indictments and seven convictions or guilty pleas. William Barr, an appointee of Trump and a critic of the Mueller investigation, now issues a four-page opinion that Trump claims to be exoneration. If the full report exonerates Trump, who won’t release it? It’s obvious; it does not. Shame on the Republicans for attempting to block this document in an attempt to save the commander-in-chief.

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This is for God bless the AOAA. What business, bar business and a couple of sandwiches? No, not enough. I'll believe when I see it. Shamokin needs BIG business that will bring in more business that will truly benefit our town. Not a party for the four wheelers. Look around, have you seen the blight? That needs to be taken care of before Shamokin goes forward. And while were on the subject, they want to have access to the city all the time. What a great idea that is. A bunch of drunken four wheelers driving around just booming up the economy. Have not seen any evidence of it yet.

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