AOAA does it all

Man, that AOAA! Those guys out there are so talented. They can do anything. I mean, they’re the only guys I know that can get an entire city to break the laws and now they’re going to be patroling. I didn’t know they were in the security business — patroling for fireworks. For years, Shamokin has been trying to find ways to get more cops on the streets. The mayor should give everyone out there badges, there’s 100 more police officers for the city. Editor: Upset at the AOAA purchasing the land they use? I get it. Upset at ATVs driving through the town? I get it. Upset that they played a part in helping the fireworks show stay for Shamokin? Come on, man.

Build the wall

Is that true that Nancy Pelosi wants to build a wall around San Francisco?

Scared to death

This is in regards to the caller about the water company on Rock Street and the junk cars leaking everywhere. I don’t know if you know it or not, but the city, township and county are scared to death of the owner of that property.

Breaking the law

I see the mayor of Pittsburgh has signed into law additional gun restrictions following a shooting. The way I understand it, Pennsylvania law forbids any municipality from regulating the ownership of possession of firearms. So in my opinion this mayor has broken Pennsylvania law; however, he will not be prosecuted. This to me indicates one more chisel of the chiseling away at gun rights of our nation. Editor: State statute 6120(a): “No county, municipality or township may in any manner regulate the lawful ownership, possession, transfer or transportation of firearms, ammunition or ammunition components when carried or transported for purposes not prohibited by the laws of this Commonwealth.” Hard to disagree with you.

Corn stalks everywhere

To the farmer on Turkey Hill Road that cut his corn stalks down and mowed them, he should have plowed them under. Maybe you should show some courtesy and bury the rest of them so they’re not in everybody’s yards.


Special thank you to all those involved in helping the annual culm bank fireworks to be a continued tradition. Thank you, thank you!

Treasonous spying

How dare the FBI spy on the Trump campaign while they were trying to have a private meeting with the Russians?

We’ll take ‘em

To all the people complaining about Mr. Zack and Mr. Venna — we’ll gladly take them in Mount Carmel. I’m from there, and we have not met the state standard since Mrs. Latorre left. Those two gentlemen led Shamokin to the state standard. Here in Mount Carmel, we would rather care about winning a girls basketball game or the band.

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