Slave ticket

If the Democrats put Kamala Harris on the ticket with Biden, we’ll be the slaves. So wise up.

Southbound exit only

Illegal immigrants can leave the detention centers anytime they want, as long as the go south and not north.

Hijacking the Fourth I

Who else is outraged that Trump is hijacking a national celebration of our independence, handing out tickets to Republican donors and turing it into a campaign rally? In fact, our tax dollars are paying for it.

Great show

Great show last Sunday, Kulpmont Cruise group. The antiques, classics and street rods were outstanding. The motorcycles were awesome. Hats off to the Holy Angels and their people who provided an outstanding concession stand. We will support your two shows, Rick K and the Allnighters in October, and the Mahoney Brothers in the spring. Great job!

US first

While I deeply pity all of the people coming across the border and living in the camps, however, we must remember that our population in the United States have an awful lot of homeless people, who do not have shelter, beds, food and bathroom facilities. And most of them, I understand, are veterans. We should be taking care of our own veterans, rather than trying to take care of people from other countries trying to come into our country illegally. Nancy Pelosi’s district is one of the worst in the country. I wish the Democrats who are running for president would realize this, that we need to take care of our own before we take care of everybody else.

Look it up

I just want to say up front, I was a Republican for 28 years and now I am Independent. I agree there are fake Christians and hypocrites. Also, to the caller who equals the crimes of kidnapping and crossing the border illegally: One is a felony and the other is a misdemeanor. Look that up and get back to it. Thank you Sound Off and happy birthday to this wonderful, wonderful nation.

Review driving

So tired of the Democrats constantly complaining about everything President Trump says and does. They also try to rape the past and destroy our country’s history. It’s like trying to drive your car, but always looking in the rearview mirror. You won’t get too far.

Super kudos

Super kudos to the Mount Carmel VFW for the beautiful work done on their building. The memorial plaque, the custom military seals, the mural and the blacktop. Great job! As a Mount Carmel resident, I am so proud of your organizations. Also, kudos to Jack Spade and his worker for the great job they are doing on the Mount Carmel pool. Thank you all!

Now hiring

In my mail today, I got a flyer from MI Windows and Doors. They’re looking for workers. Starting wage, $15 an hour and a $1,000 sign on bonus. How many of these did you get when Obama was president? The Democrats are offering change. Change to what?

No jointure

I bet all those people who want Mount Carmel Area and Shamokin Area to join are from Shamokin. I’m from Mount Carmel and I wouldn’t want that jointure. Let Shamokin and Line Mountain join, if they want.

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